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What Happened To Rivers Waldrop’s Face? See Pic

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Sweet Home Sextuplets fans are wondering what is wrong with Rivers Waldrop’s face in the Christmas photos and videos Courtney has shared on her Instagram profile the past few days. Is she sick? Did something happen to her face? What is wrong with her skin?

As fans pour into the comments with questions and concerns, it appears as if the former TLC star was very aware of the influx of questions and concerns. In fact, Courtney actually attempted to nip the concern in the bud by explaining what was going on with Rivers’ face in one of her earlier posts. So, what was wrong with poor Rivers? Keep reading for the details.

Courtney Waldrop explains what’s wrong with Rivers’ face

In anticipation of fans freaking out about Rivers’ face, Courtney made an extra post explaining what was up. Turns out, Rivers was currently taking antibiotics. Courtney didn’t share what the medication was for, but it turns Rivers did not respond to the meds well as she had an allergic reaction to them. Sadly, she ended up breaking out with a nasty rash that covered her entire body.

But poor Rivers woke up in a horrible rash from head to toe. Found out she has had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was on. So if you notice her little face in pictures and videos throughout the next few days…just know she is ok it’s just a awful looking rash that will hopefully go away this week.”

Courtney’s Instagram post also included an up-close selfie of Rivers giving fans a closer look at what she was talking about. Rivers flashed a pretty big smile as her mother snapped the photo suggesting that she wasn’t too uncomfortable because of the skin rash.

Instagram reacts to her rash

Courtney Waldrop’s Christmas update was liked 45K times with over 400 fans taking the time to leave a comment. Many were happy to learn Courtney and Eric managed to get five hours of sleep on Christmas Day. Most, however, were focused on thanking her for updating on Rivers and wishing the child a speedy recovery.

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

One fan prayed: “Improvements for Rivers, in the name of Jesus she will get better, let’s pray a lot for this little one to get better.”

A second fan questioned: “Did you try to give her Benadryl 30 minutes before giving her antibiotic.”

Other fans chimed in to reveal they also had issues giving their children antibiotics for the same reason.

Did you notice something was wrong with Rivers’ face in the photos and videos from their Christmas celebration? Or, did you catch Courtney’s post explaining what happened first?

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