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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s Daughter Gives Him Credit, For What?

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When it comes to Kody Brown, he rarely gets praise from anyone let alone his children. In a recent video, one of his many children actually had something positive to say about him. Sister Wives appears to be falling apart as Kody’s wives continue to leave him. So, with all the chaos and changes happening within the family, what did one of his daughter’s have to say about him? Keep reading to find out more.

Sister Wives daughter give Kody Brown credit

Kody Brown has not done a great job of parenting in recent years. It seems as though he’s alienated many of his children. Now that he is separated from three of his wives, there is even more tension. However, one of Kody’s kids with Christine Brown actually had something nice to say about her father.

Gwendlyn Brown did a recent recap on her YouTube channel after watching an episode of Sister Wives. She noted that there are times she sides with her mom and times she sides with her dad depending on who’s currently speaking. She really gave him a compliment when asked a question by a fan.

The fan said, “Does your dad ever look back and realize the lies he’s told based on history and the recorded proof? Also is there any chance he might see his mistakes and form better relationships with his children?”

Gwendlyn replied, “As people I think that we’re all typically ignorant to our mistakes and when we’ve hurt our loved ones, especially our loved ones. We’re pretty unlikely to admit when we’ve done wrong.”

She didn’t stop there. She said, “I’ve had to reach out to him and ask when he’s available, but he has been working on it. With time he will get better.” If there is contact it isn’t Kody Brown who ever initiates it.

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Gwendlyn Brown answered other questions as well

The video also shared that Gwendlyn does not think very highly of Robyn Brown. The consensus appears to be that Robyn did mess up their family when she came into the picture. Gwendlyn said she doesn’t really like Robyn as a person so she has no desire to see her in the future.

She also shared that her sister Ysabel Brown is thriving and doing fantastic following her back surgery.

Another fan asked if the siblings all watch the show to which Gwendlyn said no. She said to the viewers it’s all drama but to her and her brothers and sisters it’s family.

Gwendlyn also shared that she was very excited when her mom announced she was leaving Kody.

What do you think about Gwendlyn trying to say something positive about her dad?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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