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‘LPBW’ Proof Amy Roloff Back To Hoarding Ways?


For years, LPBW fans have blasted Amy Roloff as both a hoarder and a packrat. When the TLC personality was packing up her things and moving off of the Roloff Farms’ property to start her new life with Chris Marek, she received TONS of backlash for being both a hoarder and a packrat. Fans were in agreement that she needed intervention to get the amount of stuff she had under control. LPBW fans also seriously wondered how Amy would have any room for Chris to move his stuff in with the volume of stuff she had.

Seeing her new and gorgeous house and her perfect relationship with Chris, fans had high hopes things would be different for Amy Roloff moving forward. Would Chris be just what Amy needs to ditch her packrat and hoarding tendencies? Unfortunately, Amy’s recent Instagram Stories suggest even Chris’ charm hasn’t been enough to combat her need for clutter.

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Amy Roloff continues her hoarding ways

Unfortunately, fans are learning that even in a healthier relationship with a man who clearly treats her better than Matt did, Amy Roloff is still having an issue with hoarding and packratting. The TLC personality uploaded some content to her Instagram Stories that caused fans to get upset. Eagle-eyed fans noticed there was more than just a little clutter in the background behind Amy. And, they were upset she had returned to her hoarding ways.

On her Instagram Stories, Amy revealed she’d turned her workout room into her Christmas room. Instead of working out, she was using it as a wrapping station. Now that Christmas was over, it was time to get the room cleaned up. While fans were understanding of the room being a bit messy because she was using it as a wrapping station, fans were overhwhelmed by just how messy and chaotic the room was.

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

Boxes, paper bags, wrapping paper, and trash were scattered on nearly every inch of the room. There was so much clutter scattered around the room it was hard to see the work out equipment. It was also hard to see the floor. Fans questioned how Amy managed to wrap anything in such a messy room.

Amy did reveal in a second snap that she got the room all cleaned up. She joked she would have to start using her workout room as a workout room again now. Fans were happy she got the room picked up. But, the chaos told them everything they needed to know. She still had an issue with packratting and clutter.


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