‘Love Island USA’ Fan Favorites Still Together For Christmas 2022

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There are still two Love Island USA fan-favorite couples still together from Season 3. This might come as a shock since it remains rare for any couple to last more than a few months after a show ends. These two couples posted Christmas photos almost a year and a half after their seasons ended.

Here is who is still together from Love Island USA Season 3 and a look at their Christmas photos.

Love Island USA’s Josh & Shannon share a kiss on Christmas

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair became instant fan favorites on Love Island USA Season 3 when the couple left the villa together after Josh’s sister died. While Josh needed to go to his family, Shannon gave up her chance to win by proving her love for Josh. The two had already become the first to become official on the series as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Love Island USA's Josh and Shannon at Christmas | Instagram

They then moved to Florida together at the end of 2021. However, that looked like it marked the end of the road for them. Shannon ended up going back to Philadelphia before her sister gave birth to her child, and the couple announced their separation. Josh remained in Florida and they chose not to have a long-distance relationship.

However, that all changed in October when Shannon announced they were getting back together. Little by little, more photos began to arrive of them together – both in Florida and Philadelphia. Now, at Christmas, they seem happier than ever. They posted a photo of them in matching sweaters by a Christmas wreath and called it their Christmas card.

Josh and Shannon from Love Island USA

This is always exciting for fans, as Josh and Shannon were easily one of the best couples on the show, even if they did leave early.

Will & Kyra are also still together from Love Island USA

Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama made it all the way to the finals in Season 3 but ended up coming in second place. One reason they likely didn’t win was that too many people believed they knew each other before the show and were scamming the fans at home. However, they both denied this.

They left the show and seemed like a lock to stay together. Sadly, after Will went to Mexico for a photo shoot and videos showed up online of him with other women, the two broke up. The good news for their fans is that they ended up reconciling. At first, it was private, but eventually, the couple went public.

Will also posted a photo of them together in front of a Christmas tree, with Will wishing his fans a “Feliz Navidad.”

Will and Kyra from Love Island USA

Are you surprised to see Josh & Shannon and Will & Kyra still together so long after their Love Island USA seasons ended? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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