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Kody Brown’s Friend Nathanael Richard Loses BOTH His Wives

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Sister Wives guest star and Kody Brown’s friend Nathanael Richard is no longer in a polygamous marriage with his wives. The 41-year-old had two partners, Rebecca (39) and Christina (40) with whom he shared his nine children. This news comes just weeks after it was confirmed in the Tell-All episode that Kody is now only married to Robyn. Why did Nathanael’s former wives leave him? Does it have something to do with Kody Brown? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown’s Friend Nathanael Richard Has Stricter Family Rules

TLC fans first met Nathanael and his family in Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 7. In the episode, Kody, Robyn, and his former wives along with his kids planned a road trip to visit another family in Missouri that practiced polygamy. However, what made the family different was the fact that they had stricter and quirkier rules as compared to the Brown family.

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From the very start, Nathanael introduced his kids in a military-style call that reeked of an extremist form of patriarchy. Back then, even a young Gwendlyn Brown talked about it in her confessional calling it wrong. She said, “He has complete control over his family. If you have complete control over your family, somewhere along the line, something went wrong.”

Nathanael Richard And His Wives Shared One Bed

As per OK Magazine, another factor that made the Richard family different from that of the Browns is their sleeping arrangements. While Meri, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine all started with separate sections in the same house, they later moved out into different homes but never shared a bed. However, Nathanael, Rebecca, and Christina shared a bedroom.

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Now, it seems like Nathanael’s strict lifestyle might have been too much for his wives. Among his two wives, Rebecca was the first one to file for a divorce, 20 years after their marriage in May 2022. Later, the case was transferred to another county in July. The next hearing is scheduled to happen in January 2023. Soon after, his second wife, Christina left him, as confirmed by a source. She has moved away from the house and is now living in Florida.

As per the insider, “Christina and Nathanael split recently and she didn’t even publicly announce it to her friends yet.”

Will Kody Brown Chase Rebecca And Christina To Be His Wives?

It is unclear why Nathanael’s wives divorced him almost at the same time that Kody’s former wives confirmed their separation from Kody. Given how both Christina and Rebecca are now single, is there a chance they would end up marrying Kody Brown? Currently, the Brown family patriarch is only married to Robyn and fans feel he might soon seek more wives to compensate for his lack of a proper income source. Doing this will also give TLC’s Sister Wives a new storyline and help pad Kody Brown’s pockets.

Nathanael Richard Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Why do you think Nathanael’s wives divorced him now all of a sudden? Will Kody Brown seek Nathanael’s ex-wives to be his new partners? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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