Did Kanye West’s 24-Year-Old Model Girlfriend Dump Him?

Kanye West & Juliana Nalu [YouTube]

Kanye West seemingly moved on from Kim Kardashian with a hot 24-year-old model. Juliana Nalu and Kanye made their public debut in October. They even made out in a parking lot in Los Angeles. Some fans wonder if the two are still together though. Keep reading on to learn more.

Did Juliana Nalu dump the rapper?

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Juliana Nalu spent Christmas alone. She was with her dog on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian beauty bared her booty in a black G-string bikini. She was only concerned about her fur baby.

Kanye West In Documentary [Netflix | YouTube]
[Netflix | YouTube]
Kanye West was not in the picture. It’s unclear where the rapper headed for the holiday. As for Juliana, she seemed quite content without him. She enjoyed a beach day with her puppy Rio — who is named after her hometown. Earlier this month, Juliana confirmed that she’s no longer dating Kanye West.

It seems like the Instagram influencer dumped him. It’s not a happy Christmas for Kanye since he’s no longer with the bodacious babe. In a previous Instagram post, the model declared that she was a single woman. The much younger woman shared her relationship status when a fan asked how she could be involved with the former Yeezy designer.

Kanye West has made several anti-Semitic comments in recent months. He expressed his disdain for the Jewish community. Juliana responded to the fan’s comment: “I’m single. Thanks for caring.” She wrote the comment in Portuguese, which her fans translated, making the breakup news spread. This comes after she was last spotted with Kanye in early November.

The 45-year-old musician hasn’t commented on their public split. It sounds like Kanye got dumped over his comments. Still, Juliana continues to wear Yeezy and Balenciaga as seen in her previous Instagram posts. This led some to wonder if she used Kanye for higher-paid modeling contracts.

Kanye West has dated many models

In November, Kanye West finalized his divorce from Kim Kardashian. In February 2021, she shocked fans when she filed the papers. Even though Kanye declared his love for Kim, he’s been involved with many women. The entertainer is in search of his next muse.

Kanye West [SubbClever News | YouTube]
[SubbClever News | YouTube]
Kanye has been involved with many women, including Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox, Instagram model Chaney Jones, and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel. He hasn’t found luck with the right woman. It’s unlikely that he will find somebody now that he continues to make headlines for his insensitive and offensive comments.

What are your thoughts on Juliana Nalu? Do you think she dumped Kanye West? What did you think of their relationship? Sound off below in the comment section.

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