How Did ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Spend Christmas?

Bear Brown with Raiven and River | Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown just showed fans how he spent Christmas this year. With all the problems in his life throughout the year, it seemed like a nice end to 2022 for the reality TV star.

Here is a look at what Bear Brown did this year for Christmas.

Bear Brown posts Christmas photos

The weekend the Alaskan Bush People season finale hit, Raiven Brown told her fans on an Instagram Story that she had separated from Bear Brown. With the finale talking about hopeful futures for the family, it really threw things into a tailspin for fans wondering what happened to break up their family. Not only break them up but just two months before Raiven is scheduled to deliver their second child.

Bear Brown with River | Instagram

However, even with Raiven revealing that she was back in Texas again, she and Bear Brown still made time to spend Christmas together and posted some photos on each of their Instagram accounts. The photos showed Bear, Raiven, and River all smiling together at Christmas.

On Bear’s page, he posted a photo of the three of them in front of the Christmas tree smiling. He captioned the photo, “I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!” He then posted more photos of them together, one with them out and around with Bear writing, “It was a very good day!!!”

Bear Brown IG

Raiven posted the exact same photos on her Instagram page. On the Christmas photo, she wished everyone a Merry Christmas and commented that taking photos with a toddler is not easy. One of them out and around, she just wrote, “Merry Christmas.”

Is Bear Brown back with Raiven?

It is getting hard to keep track of whether Bear Brown and Raiven are together or not anymore. The reality TV stars looked to be building a new home on the mountain during the season. However, as aforementioned, Raiven announced she left Bear right before the season finale aired. This was a few months after it was actually filmed.

Raiven Brown and River - IG

It was Raiven who told fans the two separated. Yet, Raiven also said at the time that they would co-parent River and their new baby, due to be born sometime near the end of January or the beginning of February. This might have been a co-parenting moment, but they looked pretty happy in the photos together.

However, in a recent Q&A with fans on Instagram Stories, Raiven said that she was spending Christmas with Bear Brown. She also made the interesting comment, “Lol I’m not explaining anything at this point we are fine over here.” With Raiven the one announcing the split, it seems weird that she is playing coy about it now. However, from the photos, it seems they are a happy family again right now.

Are you happy to see Bear Brown back with Raiven and River at Christmas? Do you think it will last this time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Raiven will never truly commit to Bear , she doesn’t want to be in Washington in the wilderness, she wants to be with her family ! Bear does everything for her and she truly don’t care about Bear ! Though she will want his money when she has the 2 kids and leaves him for child support !

  2. no i don’t see her going back it was probably hard for her to move to an isolated place like the way they lived,considering how she used to live that must be hard for someone to just pick up and move to a place like that.

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