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Gage Halterman’s Recent Pics Has Fans Freaked Out & Concerned

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Amy Halterman’s most recent Instagram update has left fans feeling all kinds of uncomfortable as they beg her to keep a closer eye on her sons Gage and Glenn. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Amy Halterman uploaded a few photos of her family getting pictures taken with Santa. While Glenn and Gage weren’t really feeling it in the first photo, everyone but Gage was smiling in photo #2.

As previously reported, fans had nothing kind to say about photo #2. They were horrified by the condition Amy was currently in and they couldn’t believe how much weight she had gained. Turns out, however, were was something far more disturbing than the fact that Amy wasn’t following her diet in the photos. What was so disturbing in this photo that has fans so upset? Scroll down for a closer look.

Amy Halterman with Glenn and Gage from Instagram

Amy Halterman’s photos with Santa leave fans disturbed, why?

Taking a closer look at the photo, her Instagram followers zoomed in on the placement of one of Santa’s hands. While some fans wanted to give Santa the benefit of the doubt, others argued that Amy and Michael should be paying more attention.

Turns out, what fans were referring to was the fact that Santa’s hand was placed in between Gage’s legs. The Santa’s hand was resting uncomfortably on his nether region. Moreover, fans agreed it looked as though his hand was cupped around Gage in between his legs.

Now, some fans were willing to give Santa a pass on a poorly timed photo and an innocent misplaced hand. Fans, however, changed their mind when they swiped over and looked at the second photo. While it appeared as if Glenn had moved around a little bit, Santa’s hand rested in the exact same place in the second photo.


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Fans pointed out that it was no wonder Gage looked uncomfortable in the photos. Here’s what fans said in the comments as they begged Amy to pay attention:

  • “Santa should have placed his hand a bit better…”
  • “YES I hope Amy looks into that. Hurts my heart”
  • “Looks like Santa is checking more than LISTS…and bare-handed at that. Anyone do a background check on this dude?”
  • “Santa isn’t even allowed to have kids sitting on his lap in the uk”
  • “He did it in both pics seems sketchy to me.”

Other fans chimed in noting Santa definitely would have “lost his job” and “caught hands” if this had been their child.

Are fans making a big deal out of nothing? Or should Amy Halterman be paying more attention to her children? Take a look at the photos and let us know down below.

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  1. Ridiculous only freaks would look at this as more then it is Santa trying to keep a baby on his lap all you weird ass folks get a life

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