Christine Brown Says ‘Goodbye’ In A ‘Bittersweet’ Video

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Christine Brown is saying “goodbye” and it is very “bittersweet” for the Sister Wives star. The mother of six took to TikTok to film a quick video in which she reflected on her past life. She gave fans a brief history lesson and then expressed sadness before exiting. So, what exactly was Kody Brown’s ex-wife filming and leaving behind? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Says ‘Goodbye’ In A ‘Bittersweet’ Video

Since last year, Christine Brown has lived happily in Utah with her youngest daughter, Truely. However, the show has not really shown that part of her life just yet. She did slightly film her and her family having a barbecue at her rental out there but that was it. Then, Season 17 ended and the tell-all began. Now, Christine is taking fans behind the scenes in a very sentimental TikTok which is rare for the former third wife.

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She filmed a short video showing the couch and set that she has filmed Sister Wives on for many years. The show premiered in 2010 but the family moved from Utah to Las Vegas in Season 2. They ended up moving to Flagstaff in 2018 so it is unclear if the set went with them along the way. Christine Brown showed off the entire set from the couch to the rolling rack where they kept their wardrobes. Additionally, Christine showed where the crew would stand and be set up.

@christine_brownsw I filmed this the last day I was on the Flagstaff set. I travel back-and-forth for a year. An 8 hour drive every other week. So glad to finally settle in Utah! #fyp #foryoupage #christinebrown #sisterwives #interview #production #behindthescenes ♬ original sound – Christine Brown

Finally, she explained that filming had been done in a garage and that this would be her last day filming in Flagstaff. She noted that it was “bittersweet” as she had spent so much time sharing her feelings on this couch. It was a sad goodbye but she was happy to be in Utah for good now. However, fans were so happy to see her getting away for good and living her best life.

What’s Next?

Now that Christine Brown is done filming in Flagstaff, what does this mean for the show? Furthermore, what does this mean for Christine and Sister Wives? It has been rumored that there will be a Season 18 as Christine has shared that she filmed in her home. Plus, Mykelti was in Flagstaff while she was pregnant with her twin boys, apparently filming, as well. Unfortunately, Kody has since lost both his first and second wives, Meri and Janelle. So, that may change how everything works with the future of the series but that is yet to be seen.

What did you think of Christine Brown’s behind-the-scenes tour of the set? Can you believe that is where they filmed? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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