Tunisha Sharma Dead At 20: Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

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Indian TV and film actress Tunisha Sharma has been confirmed dead at the age of 20. The details surrounding her death are a bit messy as her ex-boyfriend, Sheezan Khan (who is also an actor and her co-star) has been arrested in connection to her death.

Per Hindustan Times, the Tunisha’s agency, ANI, confirmed the actress was dead by suicide on the set of a TV show she was currently working on. The agency confirmed to multiple outlets that Tunisha Sharma was confirmed dead after she’d been rushed to a hospital located in Maharashtra. At the time of her death, she was playing the role of Shehzaadi Mariam in Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul.

Her agency tweeted confirming her passing: “TV actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide by hanging herself on the set of a TV [series]. She was taken to a hospital where she was declared brought dead: Waliv Police.”

Now, the details surrounding her death (as mentioned previously) are a bit messy as her ex-boyfriend (who is also her co-star) has been arrested for his part in her death.


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Tunisha Sharma Dead At 20: Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

According to NDTV, Tunisha Sharma and her co-star Sheezan Khan ended their relationship just a few weeks before she reportedly committed suicide. During his first day in police custody, Sheezan Khan opened up about his decision to end his relationship with Tunisha. He explained he made the decision to cut off his relationship because of the Shraddha Walkar case. Sheezan Khan recalled explaining to his ex-girlfriend that belonging to different communities was an issue for their relationship. Likewise, their age gap also created problems. Sheezan Khan was eight years older than Tunisha.

Multiple outlets confirm there was no suicide note.

What Was The Shraddha Walkar Case?

For those unfamiliar with the Shraddha Walkar case, she was murdered by her live-in boyfriend named Aaftab Poonawala. He reportedly chopped her body into several pieces and scattered the pieces in an attempt to cover up what he had done. Turns out, the case was extremely controversial. Police sources connected to Tunisha Sharma’s suicide case, however, say the two cases have no connection.

Tunisha Sharma Tried Once Before

Speaking to the police, her ex-boyfriend revealed that Tunisha had tried to commit suicide once prior following their breakup. He explained that he caught and saved her from herself. He also reportedly told her mother what was going on and urged her mother to get her daughter the help she needed.


Presently, Sheezan Khan is being charged with abetment to suicide after Tunisha Sharma’s mother filed charges against him. Her mother claimed Tunisha was “cheated and used” by her ex-boyfriend and co-star. Presently, police believe Sheezan Khan knew Tunisha was extremely upset as he pushed her over the edge.

On Twitter, fans are urging authorities to do a proper investigation as there was no suicide note, and videos of her hours before her passing don’t seem like a young woman who has no will to live. Likewise, fans argue they don’t believe she could have hung herself without assistance in the bathroom on set because of her small size.

Alternatively, some individuals are arguing that her ex-boyfriend should be released from jail as he shouldn’t be punished for making a “life choice” that the late actress wasn’t happy with.

The family of the actress has asked for privacy to mourn her passing.

Rest in peace, Tunisha Sharma.

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