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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Look Closer: Gabe Versus Dayton

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Sister Wives fans are taking a closer look at Gabe and Dayton Brown. They are starting to feel like one of them got preferential treatment over the other. Are the two really that different in the long run? Or has Kody’s favoritism toward one wife carried over to his children causing him to set different standards for his children? Read on to see what the fans have to say.

Sister Wives Fans Look Closer: Gabe Versus Dayton

Gabe and Dayton are really not that different at first glance. In fact, Dayton is the older brother, having been born in January 2000 whereas Gabe was born in October 2001. However, there is one big difference. They have different mothers. Gabe’s mom is Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle, and Dayton’s is his fourth wife, Robyn’s eldest son. It is well-known, even among Kody’s wives, that Robyn is the favorite and the standard to which they should live up.

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Plus, Dayton has Aspergers so that could also lead to his special treatment but he was succeeding in college and living a prosperous life. It just seemed that his parents coddled him, not allowing him to thrive in the way that would benefit him more. Yet, what has really gotten fans was the treatment the two boys got during the pandemic. A Reddit thread was started to take a closer look at this. “Were they both in school at the time of Covid and Kody’s strict rules? Why was Dayton allowed to live in Robyn’s house but Gabe was asked to move out of Janelle’s house? I’m pretty sure Gabe was also in school. Isn’t that important?” it started.

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Yes, Gabe was in school and had a girlfriend who was isolating herself as much as possible. Still, Kody deemed him and his hard-working brother, Garrison “too social,” and wanted Janelle to evict them. One person noted that Gabe and Garrison were out with friends plus school was remote by then so they were not being as cautious as they could’ve been. As for Dayton, he was following Kody’s rules to perfection.

Picking Favorites?

One Sister Wives fan noted this: “Like it or not, Kody is closer to Robyn’s kids because they are submissive to him. Kody has communicated very clearly that he is only interested in having a relationship with people who will submit to him and do as they are told. It’s sick and unfair and horrible parenting but it’s pretty consistent.”

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Others simply believed that he used Gabe having a life as a way to be with the wife that he wanted to be with. Plus, he could not control Gabe like he could Dayton. This is the same problem Kody has had with Janelle. Hence why their marriage fell apart as he wanted everyone to fall in line with his patriarchal beliefs. He has said he cannot be with someone who does not respect him but what is there to respect after how he has behaved?

Do you think that Kody was unfair with his treatment of Gabe and Dayton during the pandemic? More so, do you think he should have tried to listen to Gabe before making snap judgments? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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