Kevin O’Leary Spreads Christmas Cheer, Shamed Over FTX Scam

Kevin O'Leary Of Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary is moving on from his costly mistake. The Shark Tank star was one of the many celebrities who invested millions into the cryptocurrency called FTX over the past few years. In early November, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was under arrest in the Bahamas for defrauding investors. The cryptocurrency ended up bankrupt.

Sam claims that he has nothing to his name. The criminal fraud case will kick off next year. On Thursday, December 22, the court released Sam on a $210 million bail. He still could face up to 115 years of prison for a combination of charges such as defrauding investors, misusing funds from FTX, securities fraud, and wire fraud, per The New York Post.

Kevin O'Leary [MSNBC | YouTube]
[MSNBC | YouTube]

Kevin O’Leary tries to spread holiday cheer

The ABC star was one of the many celebrities who invested millions in FTX. Kevin O’Leary even appeared in the star-studded campaigns. On Friday, December 23, just a day after Sam was released on bail, Kevin spoke to CNBC about his role in the FTX scandal.

He still defends being a spokesperson for FTX despite its downfall. Kevin also brought up Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao’s crumbling empire. The reality star called him a liar. The Shark still feels that Sam is being honest despite the many crimes against him.

“This is America. The justice system provides the presumption of innocence unless proven otherwise,” Kevin O’Leary shared.

In the meantime, the television personality tried to spread holiday cheer on Twitter. Kevin shared a photo of a 103-year-old family Christmas ornament. It was passed down over the years. Kevin was feeling the spirit of Christmas due to that family heirloom. He wanted to share it with his followers.

“This #Christmas boot ornament has been in our family for 103 years,” Kevin O’Leary tweeted. “When I put it on the tree last night it reminded me of the power of tradition and why it’s important to take time out each year to give thanks for what really matters. Family!”

Fans troll Shark Tank star over FTX scandal

Shark Tank fans weren’t feeling the holiday spirit. They’re not happy with Kevin O’Leary’s comments about the FTX scandal. They took to the comment section to troll him over it. Some even accused Kevin of paying off his lawyer and for looking like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

“Are you going to pass down losing $15 million in a crypto company too?” one fan wrote.

Kevin O'Leary Talks FTX [MSNBC | YouTube]
[MSNBC | YouTube]
“Some won’t have Christmas because they listened to your Mr. Burns-looking face. Used to be a fan, never invested in FTX but your talks recently give off greasy vibes,” another added.

FTX is now in bankruptcy. The company owes over $10 billion to creditors. Kevin hasn’t responded to the backlash. He continues to double down on supporting FTX. Do you think Kevin O’Leary deserves the backlash despite spreading Christmas cheer? Sound off below in the comment section.

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