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Fans Attack Robyn Brown, Call Her ‘Tiresome’ & ‘Manipulative’

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Fans have had enough of Robyn Brown, calling her both “tiresome” and “manipulative.” In fact, they have decided to call her out on her Instagram. This would make sense except that the mother of five has not posted since March 2019. Still, Sister Wives viewers are desperate to let Kody’s fourth and, now, only wife know how awful they think she is. Read on for more details as to what they have to say as there is no holding back.

Fans Attack Robyn Brown, Call Her ‘Tiresome’ & ‘Manipulative’

Recently, fans took to Kody’s Instagram account to call him out on how horrible he is. However, he has not been active since November 2021 when he announced Christine was leaving the family. Viewers did not seem to care as they wanted him to know exactly how they felt. Now, they are doing the same thing to his fourth and only wife, Robyn. Though she has not posted anything to her Instagram in nearly four years, fans have flocked to her last post to share their feelings about her.

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As expected, they are not positive in any way. The posting is from Corinthians and says: “LET EVERYTHING YOU DO BE DONE IN LOVE.” In the caption next to it, it read: “Love will save the day.” Of course, fans had a field day with this sentiment. “What are you teaching your kids??? How to run a whole family off to get what you want?” one follower wrote.


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Another added: “Love to you is manipulation. It’s disturbing.” This was followed by: “Of course she’s obedient cuz orders come from her. She pulls the strings, mastermind.” Finally, someone had this to say: “Please refrain from the fake crying. It is really is tiresome. Enjoy the house with Kody that Janelle & Meri bought for you after they they paid off your $32,000 debt that you came into the family with and let us not forget your failed jewelry buisness.”

Alone & Monogomous

Robyn Brown has claimed for a few seasons that she only wanted to be in a plural marriage. Aside from her first marriage being toxic, there were never more wives. That was what she loved about the Browns. They were great at polygamy but ultimately, Kody’s favoritism toward Robyn pushed his other wives away. He loved that she was obedient and did whatever he wanted her to. Ultimately, Christine saw that he was never around and was always with Robyn and her five kids.

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She knew she could never be Robyn or have the relationship that Kody wanted her to have with her sister wife. So she left in early 2021. His second wife Janelle was extremely independent and Kody felt she was not respectful so that all fell apart. Finally, his first wife Meri has accepted that their marriage has been over for years. Now, it is just Kody and Robyn and maybe that is what she wanted all along despite saying she did not want monogamy. Can their love survive now and will Robyn ignore all of the hate? Only time will tell.

Do you think fans are right to post their anger on Robyn’s Instagram? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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