Why Is Part 2 Of The ‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Not On Tonight?

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Why isn’t part two of the Sister Wives tell-all not on tonight? This may have come as a shock to fans who were looking forward to more from the Brown family. Especially since part one was lackluster compared to the previews that had been shown. So, why is it not on and when will it be back? Read on for more details.

Why Is Part 2 Of The Sister Wives Tell-All Not On Tonight?

Fans may have been shocked when they turned on the TVs and discovered that part two of the tell-all was not on tonight. Last week left viewers with a lot of loose ends. The preview initially showed that Janelle and Kody had separated. Furthermore, Meri and Kody had also called it quits with the latter making Christine out to be the villain. Very little was actually touched on in part one.


The demise of Kody and Meri’s marriage was talked about and how he alleges that he had wanted to work it out. However, Meri disputes this claim mainly because she felt Kody pulling away. She has also heard what he has to say about their marriage on the show. At this point, she knows that it is over between the two of them so why keep trying? Robyn also addressed Christine’s exit from the family saying that it robbed her of her future dreams.

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Finally, Christine addressed her toxic relationship with Meri. She shared that she had to end the friendship because it was not good for her anymore. There is so much more to get to but because of Christmas Day, part two will not be airing. Yes, the show is leaving fans hanging after part one, at least for a week which is not the most desirable situation. So, when will it return for the rest of the three-parter fans have been waiting for?

Coming Back Soon

The second part of the Sister Wives tell-all will air on Sunday, January 1st, so New Year’s Day at 10 p.m. EST. It can also be streamed all day on discovery+. Part three will air the following week, Sunday, January 8th at the same time and place. These episodes will deep-dive into what led Janelle and Kody to separate and where he stands on polygamy. Currently, he has just one wife, Robyn. Yet, is that enough to keep her staying around or for the show to remain on the air?

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Fans also want to know where his relationships stand with his older kids. Kody has eighteen children and several of the older ones struggle to get along with him. Many questions should be answered but only if host Sukanya Krishnan really pushes Kody and Robyn the way that viewers want her to.

Are you bummed that part two is not airing tonight? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One next Sunday, January 1st on TLC.

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  1. I can’t stand how Kody treats his kids are wives. No surprise Robyn is the bitch acting like she is soo innocent. Treating Mari like she has after she divorced Kody so her kids could change last names to Browns. Mari should have left a long time ago. Those to Kody and Robyn deserves each other and people along with me STOPS WATCHING

  2. it’s really not Robin’s fault that Kody has chosen her as his favorite. I don’t see anything special about him. His treatment of his wives is deplorable. And he continues to blame his wives. He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions or lack of. He’s a narcissist!

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