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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Passed Up $1 Million Prize?

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One Wheel of Fortune contestant missed the opportunity to win one million dollars. Fans noticed some of the mistakes he made during the episode. He could’ve won way more money if only he followed these simple strategies. Keep on reading to learn more.

Contestant Ricky Gilbert could’ve been a millionaire

On Tuesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, fans noticed a mistake that contestant Ricky Gilbert made. He already performed strongly on America’s Game. The New Yorker solved every puzzle perfectly during the broadcast. He was off to a good start.

Ricky Gilbert Is On Fire [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
Host Pat Sajak joked with him throughout the game. Ricky guessed all 10 puzzles correctly. He left his fellow competitors in the dust as he made it all the way to the bonus round. Ricky correctly guessed the puzzle and won an extra $40,000, upping his total earnings to $89,120.

Now, Ricky is kicking himself this week. He realized that he could’ve won more money if he followed through on this strategy. Wheel of Fortune fans noticed that the software engineer passed up on the chance to win $1 million dollars, which sounds absurd.

Ricky Gilbert & Pat Sajak During Bonus Round [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
At one point, Ricky grabbed the One Million Dollar wedge. However, he had to forfeit after he landed on the Bankrupt wedge. One Wheel of Fortune fan took to Twitter to ask Ricky about his gameplay during the broadcast.

“In the fourth round, did you consider blowing your turn on purpose, so you could defend your Million Dollar Wedge that you eventually lost from too much spinning?” the viewer asked.

“I didn’t. I wish I thought of that beforehand,” Ricky responded.

He looked back at his time on the game show. Ricky explained to the fan that he would “still have to spin to say a letter” and he still didn’t know the puzzle. He wanted to “save the wild card for the final round.” Ricky is moving past this blooper and has “no regrets” about his decision.

Wheel of Fortune fans reveal clever strategies

Another Wheel of Fortune fan showed Ricky how he could’ve won the million dollars. Some feel that Ricky got a little too lucky during the episode. Had he incorrectly guessed some of the puzzles, he would’ve had a chance to score more money.

“If you’re ever on Wheel of Fortune and have a huge lead, plus the million dollar card, plus a wild… guess the puzzle incorrectly each time so you no longer have to spin…no bankrupt that way,” the fan wrote.

“You then go to the final puzzle with a chance at a million plus a wild card. There’s like a 5% chance the guy tonight threw away the chance at a million,” another added.

Ricky admitted that “it’s been a wild few days” during his time on the game show. He wishes he would’ve known these strategies then. Ricky even impressed Pat and Vanna White, who rooted for him. The episode is called one of the most exciting moments of 2022.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ricky could’ve won the million dollars? What would have been your strategy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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