Jordan Kimball Shares An Exciting Christmas Surprise

Jordan Kimball, YouTube

Jordan Kimball had an exciting Christmas surprise to share with fans and followers. He first caught Bachelor Nation fans’ attention on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. He went on to meet and get engaged to Jenna Cooper on  Bachelor in Paradise. The relationship didn’t last but he went on to still find his person. The rumors about Jenna were not pretty. They suggested, Jenna was in love with someone else and wanted to advance her career. She denied the rumors, however, and went so far as to say he was behind them. Their drama played out for a while.

Having been a bit of a bad guy on Becca’s season, he redeemed himself in a lot of fans’ eyes on BIP. They hoped he would be able to move past the drama of that relationship. He went right back into the drama on BIP a second time when he fought with Christian Estrada. Both men were disqualified.  However, fans love a good redemption story so when he fell in love with Christina Creedon, fans were rooting for him.

Jordan Kimball, YouTube
Jordan Kimball, YouTube

He Found The Right Girl Outside Of Reality Television

As we reported in 2020, he got engaged to Christina Creedon on Christmas Eve. In an engagement announcement, Jordan wrote, “I would bend my knee a million times to stand by you. This ring represents how much I love and listen to you.” The two were wed in January of this year and Kimball sweetly wrote on Instagram, “cheers to forever loving you.” They now have good news to share on Christmas once again.

The two had a meet cute at the LAX airport where he helped her with her luggage. Jordan said they had a few dates after the initial meetup. He knew from the moment they met, she was the one. They married in a gorgeous Texas wedding where they live and Bachelor Nation couldn’t be happier for Kimball.

Jordan Kimball, YouTube
Jordan Kimball, YouTube

What Did Jordan Kimball Have To Announce?

Jordan Kimball and Christina are going to be parents. On an Instagram photoshoot, Jordan said, “nothing has moved me like holding your hand and hearing our baby’s heartbeat.” More so, the maternity shoot features the couple posing in a field. Cristina has cute white books and a matching bow. She’s absolutely glowing. In the post, Jordan says the changes in her body are beautiful and she makes pregnancy look graceful.

In some of the pictures, they are holding a sonogram. Additionally, the couple is holding a sign that says, Baby Kimball arriving 2023. Furthermore, the couple has been practicing with their fur babies June and Indie. What do you think of their cute Christmas announcements? To read more about his engagement click here. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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