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‘Today:’ Craig Melvin Calls Out Shaquille Brewster’s On-Air Blunder

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Craig Melvin loves to poke fun at his Today co-hosts. During a live broadcast, he called out Shaquille Brewster’s on-air blunder. The anchor was in the midst of a dangerous storm. He donned snow glasses and a big park. Shaquille probably had trouble seeing the screen and hearing his co-anchor’s voices in his earpiece.

The newbie couldn’t get past Craig, who had to mock him for the mixup. He hosted Friday’s episode of the Today Show alongside Sheinelle Jones. They discussed the wild weather that has swept the country. This will affect the millions of Americans who plan to travel this weekend.

Shaquille Brewster [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Craig Melvin mocks newbie reporter

During the live broadcast, the camera panned over to Shaquille Brewster who mentioned the bomb cyclone, which hit several states. Record-breaking snow and frigid temperatures have wreaked havoc on much of the midwest and south. Craig Melvin and Sheinelle took it over to Shaquille.

“Alright, let’s head to Benton Harbor, Michigan where the snow can be measured in feet,” Sheinelle Jones said. “NBC’s Shaquille Brewster is there for us, look at that! Shaq, good morning, my goodness!”

Shaquille wore a black hooded coat and ski goggles. They were probably blurry because he didn’t know who he was talking to. Shaquille accidentally addressed Sheinelle as Savannah Guthrie, who was not in the studio that day. She is currently spending the holiday with her family. Shaquille explained that the city has been “feeling the effects of this massive storm here.”

Craig Melvin & Sheinelle Jones Talk About Wild Weather [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Craig Melvin laughed at Shaquille’s on-air blunder. He had to mock his colleague in the live segment. He said: “So cold there, Shaq thought you were Savannah!” Sheinelle laughed and responded: “I know!” Shaquille was a team player and had a good laugh about it as well.

The trio then discussed the freezing temperatures and winter weather. It will last well into the holiday weekend. Even parts of the south are experiencing freezing like never before. This will have an effect on the crop season, which has already been dire.

Today Show co-host mocks another colleague

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Today Show, Sheinelle winced as producers shared an old photo of her from when she was a little girl. In her 7th-grade portrait, she wore braces with her colorful sweater. Craig Melvin joked that she has “come a long way.” They sat alongside fellow co-hosts Dylan Dreyer, Carson Daly, and Peter Alexander.

During the segment, each of the hosts showed throwback photos. Sheinelle was in shock when she saw hers pop up on the screen. Craig Melvin asked her opinion on that school photo. He was also embarrassed by his old photo of him with oversized glasses and a violin. The Today Show showed that same photo in a previous broadcast in which he revealed his hidden talent.

Craig Melvin shared that “Steve Urkel” was his “nickname” back in high school. What are your thoughts on him calling out Shaquille Brewster’s on-air blunder? Sound off below in the comment section.

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