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‘Netflix’ Sick Of Losing Money, Hammers Down On Customer Sharing

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Those who use someone else’s Netflix account are going to want to make other plans as the streaming giant is gearing up to drop the hammer on password sharing. Per multiple media outlets, Netflix vows that 2023 will be different when it comes to password sharing. According to Collider, the streaming giant announced that after the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, there will only be a limited amount of time before the password-sharing feature gets turned off. What does this mean for people who use an account belonging to someone else? Keep reading.

Netflix plans to charge for password sharing

The end of the pandemic hasn’t been good for streaming services. When people were forced to stay at home in 2020, they subscribed to services like Netflix because they had nothing better to do. Now, some people are axing their subscription services because they are no longer spending much time at home. Likewise, there are been plenty of memes floating around with statistics calling attention to the fact that there there are way more Netflix profiles than Netflix subscriptions.

Netflix has decided they are sick of losing money because people are sharing accounts instead of just paying for their own subscriptions. So, in the very near future, the streaming giant is putting a few systems in place that will stop people from being able to share passwords with someone outside of their own homes. Netflix does not plan on taking away password-sharing completely. They just plan on charging people extra if they want to share their accounts.


Subscriptions have a lot of questions

Unsurprisingly, Netflix subscribers have a lot of questions about what this means for customers that don’t share their passwords. What if a person travels for work and uses their Netflix account while they are traveling? What if a person simply wants to use Netflix in the car while they are commuting? How will the systems Netflix puts in place tell the difference between someone sharing their account and someone just using their account on the go?

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Obviously, ending password sharing could backfire on the streaming giant if people who use their own Netflix account while they are not home frequently get told they have to pay more to use their own account.

How do you feel about Netflix dropping the hammer on password sharing? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. We dumped Netflix for a couple reasons:
    the Harry and Meghan saga, with all the acrimonious dysfunction dumped on the public and at Christmas.

    never returning either.

    Our grandchildren are growing up on good films from an earlier era such as “Sound of Music”.

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