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Lindsie Chrisley Can’t Deal With Not Having Son, Support Pours In

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Christmas of 2022 is going to be exceptionally somber for Lindsie Chrisley. For starters, it is the last Christmas her parents Todd and Julie will have before getting locked up. Moreover, she is going to be waking up on Christmas morning alone because her son Jackson is doing Christmas with his father this year. Understandably, her heart is broken as she’s not looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning without her son.

Lindsie Chrisley prepares for a somber Christmas

Todd Chrisley’s oldest daughter got candid about her somber Christmas plans via Instagram recently. As those who follow Lindsie know, she and ex-Will divorced in October of last year. Yesterday, she shared a reel on Instagram that featured her, her son Jackson, and her Christmas decor. She wished her followers a Merry Christmas before opening up about how different Christmas would be for her this year.

Merry Christmas from us to you. As I’ve tried my best to emotionally prepare for this, I’m a big believer nothing can prepare you for waking up on Christmas morning without your child. We’ve experienced a lot of change, a ton of heartache, bittersweet moments, and some sweet ones.”

Lindsie Chrisley and father Todd Instagram
Lindsie Chrisley and father Todd Instagram

She continued: “These little ornaments that y’all see in this video mean nothing to you, but splitting special things like this through my divorce was devastating to me. Collecting ornaments from trips we took as a family and special things Jackson made us are treasures I’ll hold on to forever.”

Lindsie Chrisley’s post also included a quote about “life being too short” to fill it with regrets. The quote talked about taking chances and embracing changes instead of preventing them from happening. The quote concluded by mentioning that no one ever promised life would be easy just that it would be worth it.

Lindsie Chrisley from Youtube
Lindsie Chrisley | Youtube

Instagram showers her with support

In 24 hours, Lindsie Chrisley’s post was liked by over 15,000 people. This included her stepmother Julie Chrisley. As requested in her caption, fans poured into the comments with their own stories as they showered her with support.


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In the comments, many fans schooled Lindsie on the fact that she should be happy her son Jackson was still alive as many parents woke up alone on Christmas because their child was no longer alive.

Not everyone, however, hit her comments with negativity. Some just encouraged her to be strong and reminded her she could celebrate Christmas on a different day.

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