Jessie James Decker Wants More On ‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown?

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Sister Wives is so thick with drama right now that even celebrities are interested in grabbing a sip of tea. On a recent Instagram Story, country singer Jessie James Decker fessed up to the fact that Kody Brown’s family drama has piqued her interest. What exactly did the singer have to say about Sister Wives? Keep reading for the details.

Sister Wives drama has been addicting this season

Now, a few seasons ago, a lot of Sister Wives fans admit they really wouldn’t recommend the TLC series to anyone. The series had reached a point where it was boring and there was no story left to tell. Fans were sick of seeing Meri Brown act desperate for Kody’s attention despite it being abundantly clear that he didn’t want her. In the past year, however, Kody Brown has managed to lose three of his four wives. There are also rumors that his fourth wife isn’t interested in being the only wife. And, she might leave him too if he doesn’t find new wives to add to the picture.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Unsurprisingly, Sister Wives has been all over media headlines and multiple social media platforms. After all, who could resist a storyline about a man who manages to go through three divorces in the same year?

Turns out, the Sister Wives drama is so heavy right now that it is reaching people who don’t even watch the show.

Jessie James Decker interested in Kody Brown’s messy drama?

Now, Jessie James Decker revealed she likes to browse Instagram while she’s falling asleep. During her scrolling, lots of Sister Wives stuff was popping up. She admitted she wasn’t completely unfamiliar with the TLC series. Turns out, her mother was a pretty big fan of the reality TV show. So, she watched it with her from time to time.

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Jessie added that she wasn’t really “in the mood” to binge Sister Wives. Nor was she in the mood to do tons of reading and research. She, however, did want to know what was going on with Kody Brown. And, she hoped one of her followers could reach out with a brief summary of the latest Sister Wives drama.

Can someone please DM me and just tell me what the heck is going on? All of [Kody’s] wives are leaving him. Like, what’s happening? And then I see that one of the ladies is staying. Please fill me in — just give me a little Cliff’s Notes. I’m invested but, like, not that invested.”

As those who are well-versed in Sister Wives drama and history know, Jessie is referring to the fact that Christine, Janelle, and Meri have all split from Kody leaving him with just one wife remaining: Robyn.

Part two of the Season 17 Sister Wives: One-On-One Tell-All airs on Sunday, January 1, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  1. Kody is a male shovinish pig. Robin and Kody only want other women so they dont have to work. I knew it was a sham when he divorced his first wife Meri to marry Robin. The first wife is the main wife.

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