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Amy Halterman Praised For Making The Decision To Adopt

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Amy Halterman decided to really lean into the Christmas cheer this holiday season. She brought home a new puppy for the family to enjoy! Since Little Bit passed away, the Haltermans really felt like their home just wasn’t the same without a dog.

Fans are so excited to meet the new addition to the family. But on top of that, they’re even happier about how she acquired the dog. Keep reading to see what Amy Halterman’s followers had to say.

Amy Halterman brought a new dog home after the loss of Little Bit

1000-Lb. Sisters fans were devastated to learn that Little Bit had passed away earlier this year. The chihuahua made frequent appearances on the show and it was clear how much she loved Tammy and Amy. However, it was just her time. Little Bit was actually 22 years old when she passed away, so she had a very long life.

Little Bit from Amy Halterman, Instagram
Little Bit/Instagram

Healing from the loss of a pet always takes some time. But Michael and Amy Halterman decided the time was finally right to welcome home a new friend.

“Final day with dobby!! but dobby got the boy a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua, Pomeranian Named Daisy Mae!! I’m sure the boy will love her as we loved little but!!!” Amy captioned her Instagram post. Dobby is what they call their Elf on the Shelf, named for the Harry Potter character.

The TLC star uploaded several photos of the little dog looking quite content in her new home.

Daisy Mae and Amy Halterman, Instagram
Amy Halterman/Instagram

Amy didn’t explicitly say that she got Daisy Mae from a shelter, but it was heavily implied based on the context. Many fans were so excited that Amy chose a shelter pet instead of shopping around.

“What a blessing!!! The boys will be so excited. Thank you for adopting and giving that adorable girl a chance at a great life. Merry Christmas,” a fan wrote in the comments.

“Thank you for rescuing!! Merry Christmas to your family, it’s so nice for that dog to have a home for the holidays and dogs are a great teacher of responsibility and empathy for kids. Have a great one!” another added.

Are you also excited to see that Amy Halterman opted to adopt a new pet? Be sure to add your own thoughts and opinions in the comments. Share what you really think!

Get ready to see the 1000-Lb. Sisters cast back on TLC

It’ll be a while before fans get to see Daisy Mae onscreen. But there will be more new 1000-Lb. Sisters content coming soon. The new season kicks off on January 17, 2023 so make sure to tune in.

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