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Tiffany & Lawson Bates Escape As Snowstorm Hits Nashville

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Bringing Up Bates fans got an update that Tiffany and Lawson Bates have escaped as the snowstorm hit Nashville, Tennessee. Lawson grew up in East Tennessee, while Tiffany was raised in California. Then, the couple moved into their new house in Nashville this summer after tying the knot in May 2022. How are they doing with the chilly temperatures and snow? Keep reading for all of the details.

As fans can imagine, the move to Nashville has been an adjustment for Tiffany. Growing up in California, she’s not used to these winter conditions. Fans have even speculated that she is unhappy in Tennessee and that she is bored without her acting gigs. Some think she could end up moving back to California in the future.

Tiffany & Lawson Bates- YouTube

While it’s unclear what the future holds for Tiffany and Lawson Bates and their living situation, the couple’s current area has now been hit by the snowstorm.

Tiffany & Lawson Bates Escape As Snowstorm Hits Nashville

On their Instagram Stories on Thursday and Friday, Lawson and Tiffany shared several updates. Most of the photos came from Tiffany’s Stories, though Lawson did hop online to share one post. 

Tiffany revealed to fans that she and Lawson were planning to fly out to California at 5 a.m. on Friday morning. However, she shared a snap of their driveway and showed just how much it had snowed. In another post, she shared that she’s “very very excited” to finally experience snow. 

Lawson Bates’ Instagram Story is of the road and he urged other drivers to “go home” because “it’s dangerous.”

Tiffany & Lawson Bates- Instagram

On Friday morning, Tiffany hopped back online to update fans as she and Lawson attempted to fly out to California. Fortunately, they were able to make it to the airport and boarded the plane. However, Tiffany doesn’t seem totally hopeful. She added, “Let’s see if this plane actually leaves.”

Tiffany & Lawson Bates- Instagram

If you didn’t know, the Bates family has a different way of celebrating Christmas. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates host a gathering at their home a week or two before Christmas. Then, the married kids have the option of celebrating with their in-laws on Christmas. So, Tiffany and Lawson Bates are going to enjoy Christmas in sunny California and won’t be missing his family’s festivities because they took place already. 

Hopefully, the whole Bates family will stay safe. Look for updates about their holiday festivities, as well as winter storm details. 

So, does it surprise you that Tiffany and Lawson Bates were able to fly out after the snow hit? Are you glad to hear that they are getting away and enjoying the holidays in sunny California? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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