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‘Percy Jackson’s Cursed Priestess Reveals Disney+ Filming Issues

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Disney+’s Percy Jackson series is almost done filming for its debut season and its cursed Greek priestess shared issues she dealt with on the set. Jessica Parker Kennedy, who plays Medusa in the upcoming series shared how she had a problem shooting with special effects. What more did the actress reveal? Keep reading to find out the details!

When Will Percy Jackson And The Olympians Premiere?

The fantasy TV series which is slated to premiere sometime in 2024 is based on Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novel series. It will have a total of eight episodes for its debut season. In the series, Medusa’s character is one of the most difficult ones, at least for the production team.

Percy Jackson And The Olympians YouTube

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Given that the cursed priestess is known for having hairs made of snakes, mimicking it the right way via CGI was difficult.

Kennedy Felt The CGI Mo-Cap Was Very Ridiculous

As explained by the 38-year-old, capturing the real essence of Medusa in the Disney+ series is a major CGI challenge. In a discussion with Cageside, the actress revealed how difficult filming was. She detailed that she was forced to deal with the limitations that come with a live-action adaptation. Moreover, she also had to cope with the use of mo-cap when trying to do justice to the character.

Jessica Parker Kennedy YouTube

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She revealed, “Parts of the scenes we did with some prosthetic snakes, so that was very cool. And other stuff, I had the little mo-cap on my head, which is like a very ridiculous, horrible-looking little cap that doesn’t flatter anyone. And so I was doing this regal part with that on. So you really just have to deep dive into character and do the best that you can. But it’s easy because the writing is really wonderful in the show. I think people are going to love it.”

Percy Jackson TV Series Has Additional Challenges To Conquer

However, Kennedy’s Medusa isn’t the only mythological character who has to work around CGI props and the discomfort associated with them. Aryan Simhadri, who is cast as Grover in the upcoming series will also have to work around a mo-cap suit that covers his entire lower body. After all, he is a satyr who has half body of a goat and half of a human.

The actor recently quipped that he has started walking unconsciously like a goat given how intense training for the character was.

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Another big challenge for the series is the titular character’s trip to the Underworld. The movie franchise had to work with fewer minutes shooting the Hell scenes. However, with the series, this will span much longer, even an episode or more. So, the VFX team might not have anything else to work with outside of a green screen.

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