Candace Cameron Bure’s Network Apologizes For HIV Drug, ‘Drag Race’ Ads

Candace Cameron Bure Used with Great American Family's permission.

Great American Family, Candace Cameron Bure’s new network, is apologizing for recent HIV drug ads, and advertisements for RuPaul’s Drag Race. What did this self-described “family-friendly” network say about ads? Moreover, why are the viewers objecting?

Candace Cameron Bure’s New Network Airs HIV Drug & RuPaul’s Drag Race Ads

On Thursday, transgender actress Alexandra Billings went to Instagram to share a post from Great American Family. This is the network that Candace Cameron Bure dumped Hallmark for. Apparently, a viewer was angry at an ad for an HIV drug.

The post from @straightalkwithmj read, “Love the movies! But have you removed the very non-family friendly aids drug ad with 2 men kissing?”

The response from Great American Family? “Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over commercials, and we sincerely apologize.”

Billings, who has been living with HIV for over three decades, posted her agony over losing friends and living with this illness. Moreover, she posted how the stigma of AIDS, especially in the early years, caused much suffering. Even funeral homes would not handle patients who died of the deadly epidemic.

Therefore, she was disappointed with Great American Family. “I’m not assigning blame.” However, she did not see any sort of humanity in the response.

And I’m not trying to suggest this is all of who you are. Your channel professes love tolerance, and family and I simply don’t see any of those attributes in your response to this viewer.

Candace Cameron Bure used with Great American Family's permission
Candace Cameron Bure used with Great American Family’s permission

Outraged Viewers Share Anger On Great American Family’s Facebook Page

Candace Cameron Bure’s new network Great American Family has been slammed with complaints about their advertising on their Facebook page. Posters are complaining that the network is showing ads for RuPaul’s Drag Race as early as 6 p.m., which is considered family time.

One poster wrote, “We’re trying to escape that mess.” Great American Family again answered that they have no control over local advertisers.

However, another poster wanted to know who was in charge. “We have been subject to this perverted immoral commercials on what is supposed to be a family friendly channel.” The Great American Family response was to contact their local cable provider. They are the ones who select and play the commercials.

In addition to RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the HIV drug, many viewers complained about vaccination ads altogether.

Great American Family post, from Candace Cameron Bure's new network-
Great American Family post, from Candace Cameron Bure’s new network-

Candace Cameron Bure Sparked Controversy By Stating GAF Would Emphasize ‘Traditional Marriage’

Last month, Candace Cameron Bure started a media firestorm when she told the WSJ that she left Hallmark because Great American Family was focused on “traditional marriage.” CCB, who is very media savvy chose those words that are known in conservative circles as only marriage between a man and a woman, thus making this an anti-same-sex marriage statement.

Moreover, everyone from One Tree Hill and Hallmark alum Hillarie Burton, to CCB’s Fuller House co-star, and fictional sister, Jodie Sweetin called CCB out for this stance.

It should also be noted that just three years ago, Hallmark was embroiled in their own commercial scandal. They had aired a Zola ad that featured two women getting married and sharing a kiss. The network removed the ad after some complaints. However, then a major outrage occurred. #BoycottHallmark was trending during their busiest season. The network quickly reversed course, promising to be more inclusive.

At that time, Bill Abbott was the CEO of Hallmark. He stepped down in January 2020, and a year later started Great American Media, where he is currently CEO.

Meanwhile, Hallmark has become more inclusive, which has delighted most of its stars. However, Candace Cameron Bure chose to leave Hallmark to sign a deal with Great American Family back in April.


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