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Would Robyn Brown Keep The Mansion If She Divorces Kody Too?

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With Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown out of the picture, Sister Wives fans wonder if Robyn Brown will end things with Kody. And if she does divorce the Brown family patriarch sometime in the future, will she get to keep the $900,000 mansion? Keep reading to find out the details!

Janelle And Meri Paid For Robyn Brown’s Flagstaff House

Kody’s favorite wife got her dream home by robbing her sister wives’ hard-earned money, especially Janelle. Both Meri and Janelle sold their Las Vegas properties and used the money to fund Robyn’s Flagstaff home. While Janelle paid around $300K, which is half the money she had at the time, Meri gave up all her money which was close to $600k.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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However, the smart move on Robyn’s part was that she became Kody’s legal wife and not a spiritual one. So, if ever she decides to divorce him, she can legally ask for child support and alimony because she really doesn’t have a proper income source. The deed is currently in both Kody and Robyn’s name and the house is currently valued at over $1.5 Million. So, Robyn is entitled to half or even more of what she and Kody legally own.

Fans Think Robyn Brown Will Eventually Leave Kody

But, this comes into effect only if Robyn divorces Kody. So, will this ever happen? Sister Wives fans think so! On Reddit, a fan wondered, “What if Robyn divorces Kody too? Would she keep the Mansion? Will Kody go on a Kanye-like patriarchy rant and be frequently featured on TMZ for his outlandish and insane attempts at fame and money? Will Robyn write the Tell-All book spilling all the tea, and if she did would you believe it?”

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Answering the OP, a fan claimed that they can definitely see Robyn leaving Kody once the show is done. Although, not immediately, but she will surely do so in a matter of 2 to 3 years. They claimed the 44-year-old is self-serving and opportunistic. So, if ever she got a better opportunity, she would immediately grab it without a second thought.

They also teased what would possibly happen with Kody and wrote, “By then Kody will be close to 60, full of deep regrets and desperately trying to repair relationships with the rest of the family that he’s currently tossing aside like garbage.”

Will Robyn Brown Look For Another Plural Family?

However, another fan suggested that the chances of Robyn finding a rich new man are almost nil. She is now old, has several health issues, has five kids to take care of, and is past child-bearing age. So, even if she wishes to join any plural family, the chances of that happening are almost negligible. They also claimed that she barely had other options before she met Kody with three children and a massive credit card debt.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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Do you think Robyn Brown would ever divorce Kody? And if she does, should she get the lavish mansion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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