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Will Lindsie Chrisley Reunite With Parents Before Prison?

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Will Lindsie Chrisley reunite with her parents before prison? This is the question on her fans’ minds as she reconnected with them in a prior occasion. Todd and Julie Chrisley received their sentencing shortly thereafter and will report to prison in January 2023. Lindsie shared her holiday plans in a new interview. Keep on reading to learn more.

Lindsie Chrisley’s status with her parents

In a new interview with People, Lindsie Chrisley admitted that she hasn’t seen her parents lately. However, she will spend the holidays with them. She previously reunited with her family earlier this year. Lindsie took part in a special Coffee Convos podcast episode with Todd, Julie, and Savannah Chrisley.

Lindsie Chrisley [Dr. Phil | YouTube]
[Dr. Phil | YouTube]
She admitted that she hasn’t seen them since. Lindsie had to figure out the best plans for herself and her son, Jackson, for the Thanksgiving holiday. She wanted to stay home with her son since he was visiting. The former reality star has big plans to celebrate Christmas with the Chrisley family.

“I had my son over Thanksgiving break and with the sentencing being a couple of days prior to Thanksgiving, emotions being very high, I, unfortunately, had to make a decision as a mother and a daughter and stayed home for Thanksgiving,” Lindsie Chrisley told People.

Lindsie Chrisley Reunites With Her Family [Coffee Convos | YouTube]
[Coffee Convos | YouTube]
Her “original plans were to travel to Nashville” so she could spend time with her parents. She had to adjust to them to spend time with her son. Lindsie also wanted to give Todd and Julie “space” during this difficult time.

“By trying to honor faith and allow them to be able to process exactly what transpired in court, I wanted to give them that space and respect,” Lindsie Chrisley explained. “I do plan to spend the Christmas holiday with my parents.”

She’s still been on speaking terms with them. Lindsie revealed that she last spoke with them on the phone since the sentencing. They are looking forward to the time when they can reunite again. In November, Todd and Julie were officially sentenced.

Fans are confused by her behavior

After news of the sentencing broke, Lindsie Chrisley took to her Instagram Stories to share a bizarre post. She shared a black-and-white blurry clip of herself drinking out of a bottle of wine and dancing in her kitchen. Some fans wondered if she was celebrating the sentencing. Others argued that people grieve differently and there’s no room for judgment.

Lindsie Chrisley made it clear that she’s supporting her family. She will continue to lean on them during this time. Both Todd and Julie have denied the allegations against them. They also appealed their case but will have to remain in jail as the process plays out.

Julie & Lindsie Chrisley Reunite [Coffee Convos | YouTube]
[Coffee Convos | YouTube]
“We are just focusing collectively on family at this point,” Lindsie Chrisley concluded. “We really aren’t venturing far from that. The focus is on family.”

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