Todd Chrisley Enjoys Rib Dinner With Nic Kerdiles

Todd Chrisley & Nic Kerdiles [Instagram]

Todd Chrisley enjoys rib dinner with Nic Kerdiles. The Chrisley Knows Best alum is making the most of his final days before he heads to prison. He hung out with his daughter Savannah’s ex-fiance. Keep on reading to learn more and to get the details of their dinner.

Nic Kerdiles is still close to Savannah’s family

Earlier this year, Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles called it quits. They quietly went their own separate ways without making a public announcement to their fans. Nic is still close to Todd Chrisley and the rest of the family even if the exes aren’t friendly.

Fans haven’t seen Savannah and Nic hang out together in months. This could make for an awkward holiday season if he intends on spending time with the Chrisley family. Nic and Savannah have shared in the past that they remained friends during their on-and-off relationship.

Savannah With Nic Kerdiles & Todd Chrisley [Instagram]
However, that hasn’t been the case this year. The former couple has kept a friendly distance from one another. Nic also spent his time with Chase and Grayson Chrisley during the Fouth of July this year.

He’s also good friends with Todd Chrisley. That was especially the case when Nic struggled with his mental health. He leaned on them in the darkest time of their life. Todd supported Nic and made sure that the news didn’t leak out to TMZ.

As fans know, Todd doesn’t like it when the tabloids make up rumors about their family. He still considers Savannah’s ex-fiance family even if he’s not involved with his daughter anymore. Nic wanted to reach out to Todd and offer him dinner during this holiday season.

Eating ribs with Todd Chrisley

TMZ published the photos of Nic enjoying a nice rib dinner with Todd Chrisley. The two were quietly sitting together at a booth at Green Hills Grille in Nashville. Sources told the outlet that the two were deep in conversation. Even though Todd is a very chatty man, he let Nic speak.

The two weren’t smiling during the dinner. They had a serious talk. It makes sense since the family is under pressure right now. Todd is facing a 12-year prison sentence while Julie could face seven years. The couple has also appealed the sentencing, but they will have to remain in jail as that plays out.

It’s unclear what the Chrisley family has in plan for the holiday season. Todd Chrisley is trying to enjoy what little time he has left with his loved ones. The two enjoyed rib rolls as well as a spinach and artichoke appetizer.

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  1. if u do the crime u need to do the time how stupid can one person be u know there isn’t the perfect crime u will get caught maybe not now but later and they got caught I hate it for them but they aren’t any better then anyone else to go to prison let see how it feels to be with the average people no more botox, no more expensive clothes, no more luxury stuff the Chrisley are used to etc…… his bragging about there life style just came to and abrupt ending !!!!!

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