Netflix’s ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2 Promises Shocking Twists

Shadow And Bone YouTube Netflix

Shadow And Bone Season 2 has new shocking twists ahead of its premiere in March 2023. The series recently revealed that it will adapt multiple books for the upcoming season bringing a refreshing remix for fans. The Netflix fantasy drama mystery is based on a series of books authored by Leigh Bardugo. The series’ debut season premiered on April 23, 2021, on Netflix and soon became one of the streamer’s best titles. Keep reading to find out more details about the forthcoming season!

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Will Also Have Bits From Six Of Crows

While Season 1 was already a stunning surprise for fans, especially the ones familiar with the source materials. However, Season 2 teases that it will explore the books in a deeper way. Not only will the show adapt events from the first Shadow And Bone trilogy but also the Six Of Crows duology. These two books, although connected in some way, belong to separate Grishaverse universes. In an interview with EW, showrunner Eric Heisserer revealed that Season 2 will continue to remix materials from multiple books. Additionally, he and his co-showrunner Daegan Fryklind have planned a major, mysterious twist for the sophomore season.

Shadow And Bone YouTube Netflix

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“We touch on a few others in Leigh’s catalogs. There’s a piece that’s integral to the story that was Daegan’s idea that I’m particularly excited about. I don’t think the fans are gonna see that one coming because it’s a pretty deep cut,” said Heisserer.

Season 2 Introduces Four New Characters To The Saga

Adding to Heisserer’s revelation, Fryklind remarked that they did pitch this mysterious idea to the author, and “I don’t even think that Leigh saw it coming.”

Earlier this month, Netflix revealed that Season 2 will have a total of eight episodes and will premiere on March 16, 2023. The upcoming season will cover Siege and Story, the novel that follows Shadow And Bone, and events from the finale of the trilogy titled Ruin And Rising. Additional elements from the Six Of Crows duology can also be expected. In September 2022, the Netflix series introduced four new characters to the viewers including:

  • Tamar (Anna Leong Brophy)
  • Nikolai (Patrick Gibson)
  • Toyla (Lewis Tan)
  • Wylan (Jack Wolfe)

Shadow And Bone YouTube Netflix

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Also expected to return are familiar faces such as:

  • Alina Starkov (Jesse Mei Li)
  • Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter)
  • Mal Oretsov (Archie Renaux)
  • General Kirigan (Ben Barnes)

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Will Have A TV-MA Rating

Moreover, Shadow And Bone Season 2 will also continue after the cliffhanger Season 1 episode. The finale saw the series’ main characters together onboard the same ship, though their paths diverge. Additionally, the maturity rating for the upcoming season will also shift from TV-14 to TV-MA.

Shadow And Bone YouTube Netflix

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