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Dog The Bounty Hunter & Wife Francie Welcomes Christmas Baby

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Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife welcomed a new member to their family recently — a Christmas baby named Sidney. Duane “Dog” Chapman took to Instagram yesterday to share a photo of the newest addition to his family wrapped in the arms of his beautiful wife Francie Frane. The photo revealed their Christmas baby was actually a labradoodle puppy.

Dog The Bounty Hunter and wife Francie welcomes Christmas baby

At 69 years old, Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife Francie have welcomed a Christmas baby into their family. Unfortunately, Duane’s exciting update was rather limited with little information beyond a photo of the adorable labradoodle pup and revealing that the pup’s name was Sidney.

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s following has mixed reactions

Duane “Dog” Chapman has a little over 700K followers on Instagram. Overall, they had pretty mixed reactions to this piece of information. Some were excited and gushed about how cute their Christmas baby was. Others, however, still haven’t gotten over the fact that Dog remarried after his wife passed away. Likewise, there were some fans who rushed to defend him and urge trolls to back off and let him be happy.

One frustrated fan penned: “WTF is wrong with you people. Yes Beth was his love, she passed. Do you really think that Beth would want him to be lonely and miserable? Absolutely not! And if you really knew her you would know that! Dog and Francine, Merry Christmas! Live and love each other and don’t let the hate of others steal your Joy especially in your relationship!”

Other fans fired back that Beth DID make Dog promise her on the show that he would never remarry and that she would be the only Mrs. Dog Chapman. More fans chimed in agreeing they also recalled Dog promising never to marry again after his wife Beth.


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Another supportive fan popped off: “Hater’s… stop… just be happy for them… they both suffered lost and found love again…”

At the end of the day, fans agree that no one could ever replace Beth. But, that doesn’t mean Dog should be alone and miserable for the rest of his life to make fans happy.

Do you think it is sweet that Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife Francie Frane got a puppy for Christmas? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. I am a fan of dog too I think it’s great that he got married again and is happy and that they have a new puppy for Christmas I know Beth wouldn’t want him to be miserable the rest of his life and I’m glad he’s not he’s found a new Love and fancy and that makes me happy dog I wish you and your wife a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year

  2. I have watched Doģ & Beth since the beginningand i agree that Dog should be happy although, I am loyal to Beth and I think he could have waited or not remarried at all. you dont have to be married to be happy and the title Mrs. Dog Chapman belongs to Beth and no other. Then again he is an adult so its really his decision and i support him. happy is all i want for everyone especially during the holiday season…

  3. I have 2 agree with both sides on this one… Dog did make that promise 2 his dying wife 2 never remarry and I think that was a promise he shouldn’t have made but he just wanted 2 make his ailing wife happy in doing what ever she asked … I mean really what was he suppose 2 tell her? Although he should nit have made a promise we all new he wouldnt/couldn’t keep he still deserves 2 b happy and apparently his new life ambd wife r giving him that so live and let live I say.

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