Paulina Porizkova Goes Topless In Beach Throwback

Paulina Porizkova Car Selfie [Paulina Porizkova | Instagram]

Paulina Porizkova goes topless in a beach throwback photo. She shared more than just that though. The post came with a story that had a lesson for her fans. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the photo for yourself.

Ageless beauty poses topless on Instagram

On Tuesday, December 20, Paulina Porizkova took to Instagram to share a topless photo. The throwback post showed her in just a pair of yellow string bikini bottoms on the beach. Paulina covered her breasts as she stood with her back somewhat to the camera. The beauty looked back at it and smiled.

She wore her hair down with it messy around her face. Paulina also carried a yellow floppy hat in her hand. The ageless stunner looked happy and carefree. She walked along the sand on the empty beach. In her Instagram post, she recalled a story with her fans from that time in her life.

Paulina Porizkova Shares Photo [Paulina Porizkova | Instagram]
[Paulina Porizkova | Instagram]
Four years ago, I was on a vacation with friends in St Maarten. We were lounging on the beach, and I brought up the topic of superpowers,” Paulina Porizkova wrote. “What were our real-life superpowers? What did we think of our own and those of each other?”

She didn’t realize her own powers until she went for a topless dip in the ocean. Her friends told her that they knew what her superpower was. They told her: “You make other women feel beautiful.” Paulina was “stunned” when she was told for much of her life she makes women feel insecure and inferior.

“My image, I had been told, had been making women feel bad about themselves for decades,” Paulina Porizkova continued. “But what my girlfriends were saying, was that my presence made them feel beautiful.”

That made her feel good inside. This is something that she needed to hear. Paulina doesn’t get compliments as people assume. This was one of the best compliments she’s ever heard in a while.

Paulina Porizkova Poses Topless In Yellow Bikini Bottoms [Paulina Porizkova | Instagram]
[Paulina Porizkova | Instagram]

Paulina Porikova wants to compliment others

As a result, Paulina Porizkova wants to compliment others more. She doesn’t care if people find it “superficial” or “shallow.” Paulina feels that it’s important for women to feel beautiful. She remembers the time when she got that compliment and how it made her feel inside.

“Every woman is beautiful in her own and [sic] unique way. Why not celebrate it?” Paulina Porikova concluded her Instagram caption. “This pic is from that vacation 4 years ago” 

Fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them shared how beautiful she looked in that photo. Others loved her important message for the holidays. Her female followers learned something important from her Instagram post.

What are your thoughts on Paulina Porizkova going topless in a beach throwback? Do you think it’s important to give people compliments? Sound off below in the comment section.

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