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‘Below Deck’ Captain Lee Expresses Gratitude To Captain Sandy

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Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach expresses gratitude to Captain Sandy Yawn. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she stepped in to help out with the yacht while he focuses on his health issues. On Monday’s episode, he departed from the series after he experienced nerve issues. Find out what Captain Lee had to say about Captain Sandy taking over for him.

Leaving Captain Sandy Yawn in a difficult situation

As Below Deck fans can see, Captain Lee left Captain Sandy in a difficult situation. Yet, he’s beyond grateful to her for temporarily covering for him on this season. He was left with nerve issues in his leg which made him a liability to the crew. Captain Lee felt that he let his team down but he had to focus on his ongoing health problems.

“She really did me a solid,” Captain Lee Rosbach said in an exclusive interview with People. “I’m grateful she was there. That’s a very difficult situation that I put her in. You’re taking over somebody else’s boat and somebody else’s crew.”

Captain Sandy Yawn & Captain Lee Rosbach [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
He understands that it comes as shock to Captain Sandy and Below Deck fans that he “may or may not be back.” Captain Lee shared that it’s “open-ended,” but he wanted to work on getting better for his crew so he can make a stronger comeback. He also knows how hard it was for Captain Sandy to take over in the midst of a charter season.

“The fact that she was willing to jump in; that she sucked it up and came on board and did what I asked her to do?” Captain Lee continued. “I owe her big time for that. For her to step forward and take it on says a lot about her.”

He also expressed his gratitude to her on Monday’s episode of Below Deck. Captain Sandy already received a mixed reaction from fans. However, Captain Lee was happy to see her arrive in St. Lucia. He thanked her for “coming on such short notice.”

Captain Lee Rosbach & Captain Sandy Yawn Meet [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Captain Lee Rosbach leaves Below Deck

Captain Sandy assured Captain Lee that she was happy to help him out. She shared that they knew each other long before appearing on the Below Deck franchise. Captain Sandy joined Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 2. She admitted that she felt bad for him when she found out about his health issues.

“It’s never easy taking over for another captain,” Captain Sandy said in her confessional interview. “My hope is that Captain Lee feels supported. I’m here to take care of his boat and his crew until he gets back.”

The two shook hands the moment she jumped on board. Captain Sandy told Captain Lee to “get better.” Below Deck fans will have to wait for his return. He shared that he’ll be back before the end of the season.

What are your thoughts on Captain Lee expressing gratitude to Captain Sandy? Do you miss Captain Lee? What are your thoughts on Captain Sandy so far? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Season 10 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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