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Astrology Could Explain Why Whoopi Goldberg Gets Explosive

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Whoopi Goldberg has been called out time and time again for the way she acts on The View. Often, it seems like she is trying to stir up drama. At the same time, she is almost fragile and seems to be more sensitive.

Cosmic Fusion combined Whoopi’s Western zodiac sign, Chinese elements, and Chinese animals to try and explain why the talk show host might come off this way. Keep reading to see her sign and why it might explain her behavior.

Cosmic Fusion Analyzes Whoopi’s Signs

Cosmic Fusion will combine the three signs mentioned above, for those not familiar with the app, to give you a full-picture view of your personality traits. The creators of the app think knowing these three signs will help offer you insight into different parts of your life.

For the 67-year-old talk show host, the description attached to her signs seems to describe her to a T. Whoopi Goldberg was born on November 13, 1955, making her a Scorpio in the Western zodiac. Her Chinese element is wood and her animal is a goat.

This makes Whoopi a Scorpio Wood Goat and, according to Cosmic Fusion founder Michelle Bell, that makes her “part tough nut, part sensitive.”

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There will be some days that Whoopi might seem very Scorpionic. However, there are other days when the “Wood Goat” part of her personality plays a bigger role in how she is feeling and interacting with people.

“Because of this, they can be a little explosive at times, you don’t always know which side of their personality you’re going to be presented with,” Bell said of Whoopi’s personality. “Scorpios can be quite stubborn and they are notorious for their unwillingness to compromise.”

At the same time, her Chinese element and animal counter that wildly, causing her moods and mannerisms to fluctuate. It also has likely lent her a lot of help in the success of her career as Scorpios tend to have great work ethics while the Wood Goat side of her personality blessed her with creativity and a heart for philanthropy. Fans of The View have seen plenty of both sides on the show.

Whoopi Goldberg Is A Scorpio Through And Through

Founder Michelle Bell said that Whoopi’s Scorpio side is more likely to overpower the Wood Goat characteristics though. Scorpios tend to have a more aggressive and passionate arguing style. They have a strategy when they are entering a fight and they don’t intend to lose.

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YouTube/The View

Sometimes, Scorpios can also feel betrayed by individuals who don’t share their views. Ultimately, that is who Whoopi is. Many of her Scorpio traits will overpower the more sensitive Wood Goat characteristics. However, you can see how the two very different sides of the same coin might conflict with each other.

Are you surprised to find out Whoopi Goldberg is a Scorpio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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