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Source Says Kody Brown Doing Holidays Away From Other Wives

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It has been confirmed that Kody Brown and his wife Robyn will be spending their first Christmas away from all of the wives this year. According to a source close to the family, they feel broken following the events fans have seen unfold in the Sister Wives tell-all. So, there won’t be any happy reunions this year for the Brown family. Instead, here is what the members of the family will be doing.

The Brown Family Is Falling Apart

Those who have tuned in to the Sister Wives tell-all know that the family has slowly been falling apart for some time. Now, some of the wives have cut ties with each other and all of the women except Robyn have left Kody Brown.

On top of that, Kody has become estranged from many of his children too, especially Janelle Brown’s kids. According to The U.S. Sun, he is awaiting an apology from his sons that will likely never come. Janelle said that it seems as though Kody wants the boys to come to apologize and grovel any time they do something he doesn’t like and that’s simply not going to happen.

Janelle Brown discussing her separation from Kody Brown - YouTube Entertainment Tonight
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He has not been involved in the lives of Christine Brown’s children either. In fact, Gwendlyn Brown took to Patreon to expose her father’s wrongdoings. So, that leaves Robyn and Kody.

Robyn & Kody Brown Plan To Spend Christmas Alone

Kody Brown, his wife Robyn, and the children that live with them in their home will be the only ones celebrating Christmas together.

Robyn Brown discussing Kody's relationship with Christine on 'Sister Wives' - YouTube TLC

When it comes to celebrating Christmas with his kids, it doesn’t look like Kody cares. Every year, he would normally assign tasks to each wife to complete Christmas tasks like getting gifts, writing cards, etc. Robyn has always written the cards, and that won’t change.

At the same time, when asked whether or not he will send gifts for any of his children, the source said, “It’s not looking so at this point. Kody lets his wives do the work.”

New Christmas Traditions For The Rest Of The Family

The rest of the wives have chosen to have separate celebrations with their own families. Each of them has shared a little information about how they plan to spend the Christmas holiday.

Janelle Brown made her way to North Carolina to watch her grandson’s Christmas play. It isn’t clear as to whether or not she will be spending her holiday there though. Sources close to the women said that Janelle may be spending Christmas with Christine. The pair have become very close over the years and their friendship has remained strong.


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Christine Brown has shared some snapshots of setting up her nativity scene in Utah. However, there haven’t been any other details revealed about her plans. They won’t involve Meri though. She made it very clear in the December 18 tell-all that she no longer wanted a relationship of any kind with Meri because she’d lost trust in her.

That leaves Meri to find a way to celebrate Christmas on her own. She has revealed that she’ll be spending the holiday at her B&B in Utah. None of her former family members have made plans with her.

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