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Joy Forsyth Stops Mommy Shamers Dead In Their Tracks

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Former Counting On star and Duggar daughter Joy Forsyth is stopping the mommy shamers dead in their tracks. She’s heard enough criticism about how she raises her children, and she wants to put an end to it. So, this time, she stopped fans before they could say one negative thing about her children’s safety. Scroll down to see what she did.

Joy’s social media followers know she’s been under fire quite a few times lately. Fans are often concerned about how she cares for four-year-old Gideon and two-year-old Evelyn. Plus, she’s expecting a baby boy due in May 2023.

Joy Forsyth - YouTube

Recently, Joy Forsyth was slammed after she shared a video of herself and her daughter riding an ATV with no helmets. As mentioned, she’s pregnant, so fans were concerned about her unborn baby as well. Joy also filmed her kids in the car in a recent YouTube video. Fans pointed out that Evelyn’s chest clip in her car seat was not in the correct spot.

Now, it looks like Joy has officially heard enough.

Joy Forsyth Stops Mommy Shamers Dead In Their Tracks

On Reddit, Duggar fans and critics reposted a recent photo Joy Forsyth had shared on her Instagram Stories. The photo is of her two-year-old daughter Evelyn in her car seat. In the caption, Joy pointed out Evelyn’s wild pigtails, but fans picked up on something else. They noticed that Joy had placed a heart sticker over her daughter’s chest, which is where her car seat chest clip would be. So, it looks like she was trying to stop the mommy shamers dead in their tracks.

Below, you can see the photo.

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Someone wrote, “So Joy had time to take a photo and cover her daughter’s chest clip with a heart, but didn’t have time to raise the clip so it’s safe? She obviously knows it’s too low. I don’t get it.”

However, some Duggar fans are still shaming the soon-to-be mom of three for this post. One Reddit user chimed in, “Car seat stuff makes me especially angry. It takes less than 2 seconds to slide the belt clip up.”

“It’s wrong. She knows she’s gonna get called out but it seems she would rather be unknown than get called out,” added someone else.

So, do you like that Joy Forsyth is trying to stop the mommy shamers dead in their tracks? Have you been worried about her kids’ safety in the past? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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