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All The New Anime Coming In Spring 2023

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Nick Davis

..tAs 2022 draws closer and closer to its end, it is time to look forward into 2023. Specifically, for the anime world, it is time to look forward to all the new content we will be getting in the spring season. And this spring season is nothing to scoff at. We’ll be getting new seasons for several major shows with premiere dates all set within the next 2 to 4 months. Let’s take a look at everything we’ll be watching before the summer hits.

Spring 2023

dr stone season 3 poster
The poster for Season 3 of ‘Dr. Stone’

Every single show that comes out every year doesn’t always have to be a smash success. Smaller anime titles like Edens ZeroAncient Magnus’ Bride, and Gundam: Witch From Mercury are all getting second seasons sometime this spring. But on top of little shows like that, there are some gigantic names coming this spring that will certainly dominate the conversation.

The first is Vinland Saga Season 2. The premiere for this season is actually January 9th, just a few weeks away. So, technically, it’s arriving before the spring. But it’s going to run through the spring season and will be talked about along with all of the other shows premiering in 2023’s first quarter. So it’s worth mentioning. The next is Season 3 of Demon Slayer. The release date for this show’s premiere is currently only set for April of this upcoming spring. So we don’t have an exact date yet. But the Demon Slayer fandom is anxiously waiting on that.

The third massive anime coming this spring is Season 3 of Dr. Stone. This one has the least specific release date, as it still only has the “Coming in Spring 2023” tentative release window attached. This should change fairly soon since we’re right on the brink of this new season. But we can probably safely assume sometime in April or May since the earlier months would be soon enough that they likely would have pushed out a more specific release date by now.

A string of huge anime all coming within a close timeframe, though. If you’ve been running out of content to watch recently, you’ll definitely be looking no longer once the spring season is upon us.

A Massive Year For Anime

demon slayer season 3
A shot of Tanjiro from ‘Demon Slayer’ Season 3

Spring isn’t the only season with massive shows arriving in 2023. The latter half of the year will be massive as well, maybe even more so. We’ve already gotten confirmation that late 2023 will bring us new seasons of massive shows like Spy x FamilyOne Punch Man, and Jujutsu Kaisen. On top of those, which are certain to be huge, we’re also getting the finale and final episodes of Attack On Titan. It is the end of an anime titan (Pun intended). AoT is sure to have the entire internet buzzing when its final episodes go live. So all of 2023 will see us getting our hands on swathes of new content. There is a ton to look forward to.

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