When Will Showtime Series ‘The Borgias’ Leave Netflix?

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The Showtime series The Borgias will soon leave Netflix. The historical fiction series debuted on Showtime on April 3, 2011, and was later canceled on June 16, 2013, after three seasons. Although the creator Neil Jordan had plans for one more season, it was canceled due to an expensive production budget. Fans also started a campaign to convince the network to revive the show. However, the series wasn’t renewed. So, how long do fans have to watch the series before it finally leaves the streamer? Keep reading to find out the details!

The Borgias Finale Episodes Were Released In An E-Book

The Borgias features talented actors like Joanne Whalley, Jeremy Irons, Holliday Grainger, and Emmanuelle Chriqui. Set in the 15th Century, the story focuses on Pope Alexander VI who attempts to control Italy with the aid of his sons. He will do anything to be in command including war, murder, and even marriage alliances.

The Borgias Netflix YouTube

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Although the series had three seasons with 29 episodes, it didn’t get the finale it deserved due to abrupt cancelation. However, the makers later released a script of the finale episodes in the form of an e-book. Two years after its cancelation, the series’ streaming rights were obtained by Netflix in 2015. The Borgias has been streaming on the platform in the United States for seven years now.

Will The Borgias Be Available On International Netflix Locations?

Given that the show will soon be removed from the streamer in the United States, it is highly unlikely that it will be available for international regions in the future. As reported by What’s On Netflix, the series will no more be available from February 1, 2023. So, anyone who wishes to binge the series can do so before January 31, 2023.

The Borgias Netflix YouTube

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Even if fans do miss out on the binge window before it leaves Netflix, there is nothing to worry about. The series is currently also streaming on Showtime via a subscription or via Prime Video or The Roku Channel. In the future, the series might move to Paramount+ as it merges with Showtime.

What Else Is Leaving Netflix In January 2023?

However, The Borgias isn’t the only title leaving Netflix in the coming year. Given that 100+ titles are joining the streamer in January, more than 14 are set to depart Netflix in the first month of 2023. This includes titles like Barry Sonnenfeld’s 1993 movie Addams Family Values. Also leaving the same month are titles like Rambo (2008), Rambo: Last Blood (2019), and Battle: Los Angeles (2011).

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By January 12, the crime show CHiPS will no longer be available on Netflix. Moreover, the zombie apocalypse series, Z Nation won’t be streaming on Netflix after January 26.

Have you watched all the seasons of The Borgias? Will you be watching it on Netflix or any other streamer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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