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Single Janelle Brown Still Wants Polygamy?

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Does Janelle Brown still want polygamy after leaving Kody? Her former sister wife, Christine has said that she was done with plural marriage after exiting the family. Yet, Janelle came into plural marriage after being married to Meri’s brother then the two divorced and she really liked what Kody and Meri had. So, now that she is single and mingling, what is she looking for next? Read on for more details.

Single Janelle Brown Still Wants Polygamy?

The downfall of Janelle and Kody’s marriage has yet to be talked about on the Sister Wives tell-all. So far, his split from Meri was addressed but fans want to know the breaking point for Janelle. It looks like there is very little chance for reconciliation but does she still want to live within polygamy? From her chats with host Sukanya Krishnan, it seemed like she was still interested in polygamy. Yet, she was not going to be in a family where there was a strong patriarchal system.

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Kody had become the king of his castle but it was more of an ego situation for which she had a strong disdain. However, she still is involved in the faith and seems to believe in the formal divorce process. So, Janelle is the polar opposite of Christine who does not participate in the church and does not need a formal divorce. More so, Christine is completely done with polygamy whereas Janelle could go either way.

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Fortunately for Christine, Janelle has been there by her side the entire time she was leaving Kody. She even stood by her when Kody wanted the proceeds from the sale of Christine’s Flagstaff home. Janelle maintained that, since Christine was giving up her stake in Coyote Pass, whatever she was getting from her home was fair. In fact, it was equal to her share in CP so it was great to see the women sticking together.

What’s Next?

As of now, Kody and Janelle Brown are strictly separated. He made this clear in a preview that he is divorced from Christine. However, he is only separated from his second wife. As for a chance at reconciliation, that is a very hard question. He only wants to be with someone who respects him. In fact, Kody noted that respect is more important than love to him. If these two cannot get on the same page, they do not stand a chance. From the past few seasons, it does not look very promising that they will end up back together.

Janelle seems very optimistic about 2023 and what is to come, especially with her business. Hopefully, she can find her happiness and whatever that means. Do you think she will stay in polygamy or follow Christine into monogamy? Let us know in the comments and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 1st on TLC.



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