Farrah Abraham With Old Hairstyle [Farrah Abraham | Instagram]

Fans Deem Farrah Abraham An ‘Animal Abuser’ What Happened?

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Fans deem Farrah Abraham an “animal abuser.” She showed off her dogs in a now-deleted Instagram video. The Teen Mom star revealed to her followers that she dyed her dogs in different colors. One had blue fur and the other had purple fur. Farrah was excited about their transformation, but her fans weren’t feeling the same. Keep reading to learn the reaction.

Farrah Abraham dyes her dogs

The MTV star is making controversial decisions once again. Normally, Farrah Abraham gets backlash for how she parents her teenage daughter, Sophia. Now, fans are coming after her for dyeing her dogs.

“Check out Billionaire’s haircut and Cupcake’s haircut too,” Farrah Abraham wrote in the caption. “The dogs have better haircare and haircuts than adults do now. It’s amazing.”

Farrah Abraham With Blonde Hair [Farrah Abraham | Instagram]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram]
She loved how her dogs look. However, fans weren’t happy to see how she treats them. They were more concerned about her dogs’ well-being. Some took to a Reddit thread to share their thoughts.

  • “Um Farrah dyed her dogs again.”
  • “I’m sorry but I don’t think fur-dying [sic] dogs are cute at all… put a little sweater or shirt on them, sure! Take them to the groomer to get their fur trimmed up nicely, do it up! Dying a dog… like whyyyyy though?”
  • “She’s never satisfied with anything. Always gotta f**k with shit to make it ‘better.’ She’s not natural so why would anything else under her control be.”
  • “This is animal abuse!”

Teen Mom OG star shows off bizarre new look

Farrah Abraham made fans do a double-take earlier this month when she debuted her new look. Not only did her skin look darker than ever, but she also had dramatic black hair with bangs. Some fans wonder if her hairstyle is just a wig. They don’t understand why Farrah would go with such an “ugly” hairstyle.

“I don’t condone the dyeing, vegan or not. But what the f*** is this wig situation? Did she try to bleach her already bleached hair & it fell off? Jfc,” one fan wrote.

Farrah Abraham With Her Dogs [Farrah Abraham | Instagram]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram]
“It doesn’t look like real hair. It looks synthetic & the way it’s sitting on her head is off, it should be pulled forward a bit,” another fan added.

Farrah Abraham isn’t the only one who’s undergone a drastic change. Her daughter Sophia continues to change up her look. She likes to dye her hair just like her mom. She also got a new nose ring and long acrylic nails. Most fans think Sophia is too young to experiment with hair color and makeup.

Farrah Abraham's New Look  [Farrah Abraham | Instagram]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram]
What are your thoughts on fans calling Farrah Abraham an animal abuser? Do you agree with them? What are your thoughts on dyeing animals? Sound off below in the comment section.

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