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Kody Brown Scared Of NOTHING But Being Broke

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Kody Brown opened up about the only thing that scares him: poverty. In part one of the Sister Wives tell-all, Kody opened up about his split from Christine. While talking about why he fought to keep her, the father of eighteen revealed his genuine fear. However, it had nothing to do with any of his wives. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Scared Of NOTHING But Being Broke

As Kody and host Sukanya Krishnan chatted about Christine’s decision to leave, a lot came up. Why he was so adamant about keeping her and how he felt about her departure? More so, were there any excuses Christine was using to exit the marriage, and could it have been fixed? That was when Kody threw in that the only thing that scares him is poverty.

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This is actually quite interesting as it was recently revealed that Kody is on the verge of losing his Coyote Pass property. In a Facebook video posted by The Celeb Talk Guy, the logistics of the land were shown. The family still owes a big chunk on it and it is apparently due next year. If they do not pay up, they will lose it and it will go into foreclosure.

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Clearly, this is not something that Kody would want on his credit report at all. More so, he spent a lot of time helping Robyn get out of debt and since her name is largely on the land, it wouldn’t bode well for her, either. Plus, now that he is down to just Robyn as a wife, which he knew going into this tell-all, income is on his mind. Can the show last without the other three women? Fans clearly do not want to see just him and Robyn alone.

Admitting Defeat

Kody Brown eventually had to realize that Christine’s mind was made up. Though it seemed he chose to think things that were not necessarily true to cope with the situation. Ultimately, she is in a much happier space away from the toxic nature of the marriage. She is thriving in Utah, surrounded by family who loves her. Kody is left in Flagstaff trying to navigate life and a new normal with everything he thought that he knew destroyed.

While poverty is still very real, it is clear that Kody is the kind to do and say anything to keep himself and his family relevant. Therefore, the cash flow won’t necessarily stop as soon as some may think. Do you think Kody had moments of fear when Christine was making her exit but would not admit it? Is he just hiding his true emotions?

Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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