Christine Brown Spills Real Reason Kody Latched On To Her

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown spills the beans on the real reason Kody was latched on to her. Christine and Kody have had a loveless marriage for a few years that worsened with time. Although she tried to give their relationship a chance, Kody never took that extra step. The distance was especially evident during COVID. However, the day she decided to leave him, he suddenly wants to try and reclaim his marriage. Sister Wives fans feel this isn’t love. So, what is it? Why was Kody latched on to Christine? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Mostly Looks Out For Himself

Earlier this season, Kody Brown disclosed that he is scared of what his three wives and others would think of him due to Christine’s decision. So, technically, this is ‘Me, Mine, and Myself’ which isn’t the definition of love. A big chunk of issues in the Brown family originates from the fact that Kody mostly looks out for himself. His relationships involve his wives devoting to him and not the other way around.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Fans feel Kody is hurt because she left on her own terms and didn’t give in to his win back my approval and love tantrum. Moreover, Kody isn’t experiencing loss in the way an empathetic person does. He mourns her because she is instrumental to him and his plural marriage narrative. With Janelle and Christine out of the picture, his claims of having a healthy plural marriage are falling apart.

Christine Brown Was Calm And Composed In The Tell-All

Moreover, he is experiencing a lot of anger and rage around the way Christine chose to leave him despite his terrible manipulation and withholding of intimacy to gain control. During the latest Tell-All episode, Christine was calm and composed in her responses while Kody was childlike and stubborn.

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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He is sad that he has lost control over two of his wives. Moreover, a big part of the family including Janelle is on Christine’s side. He is sad and angry about everything else but losing Christine as his wife.

Christine Brown Wants Kody To Stop Fighting For His Ego

On Reddit, a fan shared a video of Christine from the Tell-All episode as she breathes in relief that her bad marriage is now over. In the clip, she shares with host Sukanya Krishnan, “Good, because it’s over. Come on. Stop fighting for something that your ego’s attached to.”

Agreeing with the message in the video, another Redditor stated, “Kody’s ego is larger than the wellbeing of three other women and all of their children. His ego overshadows the truth and honesty. It overshadows integrity and compassion. It overshadows common sense and responsibility.”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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Do you think Christine’s statement in the Tell-All episode sums up what Kody really feels about her leaving the family? Is it really his ego that caused them to drift apart? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. kody needs to face it, he’s not a Man!! little boy with a little boy attitude that some how became a Spoiled Brat and Christine no longer wanted to babysit him.👏👏👏go ladies 🤸

  2. Yes she was spot on with her statements. Kody and Robyn are the two phoniest people on the planet. They both make me want to vomit just looking at them.

    1. Robyn just a bed partner til he finds 3 more. He has no interest in his kids or wife. Only out for KO-Dee. Robyn pliable and convenient so let’s go. Cowboy up ride the next horse in the stall.

  3. Kody stated once that all of the wives are equal…no wife is better than the other….wow ..liar. I don’t see any qualities that makes his ego fly so high….glad the girls got out!

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