Christine Brown Ends Friendship With Meri, Not Safe For Her

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Christine Brown admitted that she had to end her friendship with her former sister wife, Meri. She confessed in part one of the Sister Wives tell-all that the relationship just was not safe for her. When Christine revealed that she would be leaving Flagstaff for Utah, she shared that she needed space. She explained that she would stay close to Kody’s second wife, Janelle. However, she needed time away from Robyn and Meri. Now, the former third wife is explaining what happened between her and Kody’s first wife that caused her to end the friendship. Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Ends Friendship With Meri, Not Safe For Her

In the first installment of the tell-all, Christine openly admits that she ended her friendship with Meri. Host Sukanya Krishnan shares how Meri feels betrayed by Christine. She already knows this but shares she did not feel safe anymore within their friendship. Christine was very open and honest and said that she did not trust her sister wife. In fact, she told this to Meri when she decided that they needed to part ways. Will it be like this forever?

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Christine says it will be though she admits that she did try here and there when the family was living in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Meri’s treatment of Christine was just too poor to be forgiven. She would put her down a lot, especially in front of her family which Christine took offense to. Admittedly, Christine never knew what or who to expect when she was with Meri.

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So, when Christine gathered the family to tell them that she had sold her house and was leaving in a week, it makes perfect sense why she was distanced from Meri. She had already cut herself off from the relationship. More so, it makes sense why Meri was away on business when Christine was leaving and the night that everyone gathered. There was nothing between them.

Looking Back

Meri and Christine Brown did have some fun times and that can be seen in old clips on the show. There was a time at Meri’s inn when they were chasing each other. Meri even admitted that they did not go really deep with one another but that they had a lot of fun. Kody was grateful that Meri had good friends outside of the family as her inner relationships had dwindled. Unlike Robyn, Meri seemed less hopeful that they would have had a future together.

Are you surprised that Meri was so cruel to Christine? More so, are you shocked that Christine claims the friendship was unsafe? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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  1. Christine to me to always trying to get Kody to like her best and she says Meri is the unsafe one. look in the mirror and tell yourself that. I feel Meri was always trying to prove her worth . just because she was unable to have more children and the other wives looked down on her . I wish when Kody divorced her she would have left them all.

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