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‘The Voice’ Champion On If Country Singers Have An Advantage

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Bryce Leatherwood won The Voice this season and people wonder if country singers have an unfair advantage over others. When asked about this in an interview after his win, Bryce thought about the voting and gave his thoughts.

Here is what The Voice champion Bryce Leatherwood said about winning the show.

The Voice champion on a possible unfair advantage

When Bryce Leatherwood won The Voice this season, a lot of people on social media claimed the voting was rigged. However, that is not unique to The Voice. Whenever a reality show has a winner that someone didn’t like, they claim it is rigged. It happens on every show, from singing competitions to dating reality shows to Dancing with the Stars.

Bryce Leatherwood on The Voice | YouTube

However, in most cases, the shows are not rigged. People just have different opinions. However, there is another argument this season. Some fans are wondering if country music singers have an unfair advantage. Since the voting is from viewers, and many are there for Blake Shelton, there is a large country music following on the show.

When asked about the possible unfair advantage, Bryce Leatherwood gave his thoughts. “I wouldn’t say it’s unfair, I would just say it’s impactful,” Bryce said. He admitted that a lot of people sitting on their couches watching The Voice are country music fans. He said it is not just about a voice, but it is about who the artist is as a person. “If we’re going off pure vocal talent, I don’t bat an eye to Morgan and I don’t bat an eye to Bodie. In the country lane, I think I was one of the best country singers on the show this year.”

It is also important to note that Blake Shelton, the biggest country artist on the show, only won three times in the last nine seasons. In Season 21, it wasn’t a country singer who won at all, but the first trio in The Voice history with Girl Named Tom taking home the prize. As far as Bryce is concerned, singing country music gave him an advantage, but he had to sell himself to the fans at home.

Fans have polarized reactions to Bryce winning The Voice

Bryce Leatherwood on The Voice | YouTube

Fans voiced their displeasure with The Voice after Bryce Leatherwood won. One fan on Twitter voiced the “country bias” fans feel the show has. “Omar should’ve won @NBCTheVoice or Morgan,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “The fact that Bryce Leatherwood was even in that group confirms for me that the audience has a country bias. Won’t be watching anymore.”

It comes down to people’s tastes in music and their distaste for anyone who likes a different type of music. This was proven by other fans believing he deserved the win. “America votes and America voted for @leatherwood222,” they wrote. “He definitely deserved to win!! Genuine and pure, his voice is solid country and American LOVES Bryce!!”

Do you think country music singers have an unfair advantage over other genres? Did Bryce Leatherwood deserve the win this season on The Voice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think this year’s Voice had a huge number of great singers well into the double digits. But the one thing people must remember it’s the people’s choice and votes. What genre do they like, what song choices are used, how did they execute their performance and how they come across in the interviews, etc.
    i think Omar could be on broadway and winy a couple of Tony’s. loved other voices until their performances looks fake like Morgan winging her hair around. Please don’t attack the processes and take away from those who win.

  2. The Voice is no more rigged than Dancing With TheStars. DWTS the judges votes count on The Voice they do not the winner on The Voice is by the I agree there was the best overall talent this season but someone is going to win and some people will be angry but that is the way goes so if you do Agree get over it don’t watch if you get that upset I won’t be watching after Blake is gone he is The Voice but for this season I think the best man won he is a perfect gentleman a beat voice and a great stage presentation go Bryce you are a winner and you will go a long way Congratulations

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