Kody Brown Throws Christine Under Bus, Ruined Things With Meri?

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives is now throwing his ex-wife Christine under the bus claiming that she’s to blame for ruining any future he could have had with Meri. How exactly does Kody claim Christine is responsible for the demise of him and his first wife Meri Brown? Keep reading for the details.

Christine Brown to blame for Kody and Meri’s divorce?

TLC dropped a new preview of this week’s episode on Sister WivesThis week’s episode is part one of the three-part tell-all. For the most part, this preview focuses on the tell-all host sitting down with Meri and Kody. Kody recalls when Meri gifted him homemade rice crispy treats. He got one treat for each year they had been married. Sadly, he had no idea what that number actually was.

The TLC star claims that at that moment he realized he didn’t hate Meri anymore and he could find it in his heart to move past his own issues and reconcile their relationship. So, he sat down with his three best friends. He sat down with Robyn, Janelle, and Christine.

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He told them he wanted to patch up his relationship with Meri. Kody Brown recalls Christine coming unhinged and putting up a huge fight. He insisted Christine was adamantly against the idea of him and Meri rekindling their relationship. And, she put a massive amount of effort into shutting the idea down.

Did Meri Brown know about this?

Now, the tell-all host does ask Meri Brown if she was aware that Kody Brown wanted to patch things up with her. Did she know that there was a point in time when he felt this way? Meri mostly shrugs off the conversation as she had no idea Kody ever thought about working things up.

Then, the tell-all host proceeds to tell Meri that Kody claims Christine is ultimately the reason he did not patch things up with her. Meri was informed that Kody was encouraged not to reconcile their relationship because Christine was so against him.


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Meri Brown was in shock. She had never heard Christine had an issue with them working things out before. Likewise, she had a hard time believing Kody ever wanted to work things out because he openly admitted that he was disgusted by the idea of kissing her and that he wasn’t coming back to be with her anymore.

Unsurprisingly, many fans aren’t buying what Kody Brown is trying to sell in regards to Christine. Many fans suspect it is all just a lie to put blame on someone other than himself. Do you think Christine Brown cared if he fixed his relationship with Meri? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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