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‘American Pickers’ Makes Significant Changes To Pump Up Ratings

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History Channel’s American Pickers is trying every trick in the book to increase its dropping rating ahead of its New Year season premiere. The reality series will undergo some significant changes to ensure that the series doesn’t fail as it did this year. What are these new changes? Keep reading to find out the details!

Why Did American Pickers’ Ratings Drop In Season 23?

American Pickers Season 23 was very slow in terms of ratings. After Frank Fritz’s firing from the show, the viewership dropped significantly. Moreover, several fans pledged not to watch the show until Frank Fritz was reinstated as the show’s co-host alongside Mike Wolfe. Additionally, the show was moved to a new time slot which hampered the ratings as well. The show has always aired at 9:00 p.m. ET on the History Channel. However, it was moved to the 8:00 p.m. ET timeslot with no previous warning to fans.

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With Frank Fritz’s health condition confirming that he isn’t returning anytime soon, the makers have now come up with fresh ideas to boost the ratings again.

Musician Jack White Will Guest Star In American Pickers

The series recently dropped a teaser online featuring Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie Wolfe. However, the teaser also had a guest star which might be something the series can cash on in terms of ratings.

The short clip was shared with a caption that read, “Who will walk away with the most unique find?”

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In the teaser, co-hosts Mike and Robbie alongside Danielle Colby compete against American musician Jack White. As per The Sun, Mike even hinted that the White Stripes singer/guitarist might be the big champion in this race to find something unique.

American Pickers Returns After A Long Hiatus In January

American Pickers returns on January 4, 2023, after a long hiatus. Moreover, the show will now air every Wednesday as opposed to Saturday. The series aired its last episode from Season 23 on October 9, 2022, after which no new episodes were dropped.

However, Frank’s firing and change in timeslot weren’t the only issues that took a toll on the show. Long-time viewers argued that Robbie brought into the show as Frank’s replacement was also a big reason the show lost its charm. They dubbed him boring and not worth a watch.

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While many felt that the show would end up being scrapped soon, in December, the network confirmed that it had no plans to cancel the show. They even filed for a new merchandise trademark that will cover items such as gift boxes, gift bags, and paper gift cards.

Do you think these new changes can help American Pickers survive and recover from plummeting ratings? Plus, are you excited about the premiere of the latest season? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Without Frank Fritz the show sucks! His firing was BS and I am not the kind of fan to ever watch American Oickers ever again! Jp

  2. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz were worth watching because they had good chemistry, similar to Abbott and Costello. Without Frank the show is very slow and not interesting.

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