‘ABP’ Noah Brown Reveals What He Did On Dad’s Birthday

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Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown is still mourning the loss of his dad Billy almost two years after his death in 2021. He celebrated his dad’s birthday in a special way that meant a lot to him and the memory of his father.

Here is how Noah Brown celebrated his dad’s birthday.

Noah Brown honors his dad Billy on birthday

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Noah Brown spent his dad’s birthday alone, at least for a little bit. When it came to celebrating his father’s birthday almost two years after his death, Noah did what his dad loved to do. This would have been Billy’s 70th birthday, so Noah went on a road trip and “took his da with him.” He then drank a Dr. Pepper, which was Billy’s favorite drink. He listened to Stevie Ray Vaughan all day, which was Billy’s favorite band.

“I don’t know what else to say,” he finished. This has been a tough two years for the Brown family. It included losing most of their homes in the fires that ravaged through Washington. However, that was nothing compared to losing their dad. Billy Brown died in 2021 after suffering a seizure. This season, Alaskan Bush People moved on without Billy as his kids and widow Ami rebuilt their lives without him.

However, it was harder for some than others. While Bear has said he struggles to live up to the legacy his dad left, the two daughters seemed hit the hardest. Birdie struggled from the start of the season to reconcile her feelings about her dad’s death. However, while a trip back to Alaska helped Birdie come to terms with the loss, it sent Rain into a deep depression. The youngest Brown sibling ended up checking herself into a mental health facility to get help.

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Noah Brown preparing to go back to Alaska

As for Noah Brown, he wants to get his family back to the basics. He spent the entire season of Alaskan Bush People looking for a home to buy in Alaska. He found that home on a remote island and ended up buying the entire island. Now, Noah is waiting to move his wife and kids to their new home.

While the rest of the Brown family remains in Washington working on their ranch, Noah will head back to Alaska. If there is another Alaskan Bush People season, it will likely show Noah moving to Alaska and getting his family situated there. He plans to move in the spring and summer of 2023, and that is typically when the show tapes its seasons.

Did you miss Billy Brown this season on Alaskan Bush People? Do you think Noah Brown is making the right move in taking his family to Alaska? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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