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‘OutDaughtered’ Busby Quints Smuggle A ‘Freeloader’ Inside

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The Busby quints of TLC’s OutDaughtered got caught smuggling a “freeloader” inside. Their dad, Adam Busby, took to social media to give fans a look at the situation and explain what went down. Keep reading for all of the details about Hazel, Parker, Riley, Ava, and Olivia’s latest stunt.

The quints are always up to something, as you may know from the show or from their parents’ Instagram profiles. With five young girls all the same age, plenty of shenanigans are going on at the Busby house. Thanks to social media, fans get to take a peek into their plotting and get a good laugh out of all of their crazy ideas.

OutDaughtered - Danielle Busby Instagram

Most recently, Adam caught the quints trying to smuggle a “freeloader” inside. What exactly were the girls trying to do?

OutDaughtered: Busby Quints Smuggle A ‘Freeloader’ Inside

On his Instagram Stories this week, Adam shared a new video as he went out to the van to take the girls to school. On Friday, they had their final half day of school before going on Christmas break. As Adam opened the door to get in the driver’s seat, he noticed their dog, Gus, in his spot. Gus is half Shih Tzu and half Bichon Frise. Their other dog, Beaux, is a French bulldog.

Once Adam discovered Gus in the front seat, the girls started giggling, as you can hear in the background of the video. The adorable white dog started wagging his tail as Adam began talking.

The father of six said, “We got a freeloader. He thought mommy was gonna drive.”

It sounds like Adam doesn’t like bringing Gus along as much as Danielle does. Danielle talked in a baby voice, pointing out how cute and clean Gus is. The dog hopped over to the passenger seat so Adam could get in, and Danielle peered in the passenger side window to say goodbye.

Below, you can watch the video OutDaughtered star Adam shared.

It looks like the OutDaughtered quints’ plan worked because Gus got to tag along. You can see a picture of the pup riding in the passenger seat after Adam dropped the quints off at school.

Outdaughtered- Adam Busby Instagram

So, what do you think of the Busby quints smuggling a “freeloader” inside? Did you get a good laugh out of this video? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the OutDaughtered family.

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