Niall Horan Reveals His Biggest Competition on ‘The Voice’

Niall Horan, Chance the Rapper | YouTube

Two brand-new coaches joined The Voice for its upcoming 23rd season, while a third is returning after a one-year absence. Blake Shelton is the only holdover from this season, and he isn’t even who new coach Niall Horan worries about.

Here is who Niall believes is his biggest competition on The Voice.

Niall Horan worried about one coach on The Voice

Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper will take two of the chairs as new first-time coaches on The Voice in Season 23. Also returning is Kelly Clarkson after taking one season off from the show. This means there will be two experienced coaches and two newcomers, making it a season where anyone could win. However, all odds remain on Shelton and Clarkson.

Niall Horan and Black Shelton on The Voice | YouTube

Blake Shelton has won more titles than anyone else in the show’s history. However, he has also been on the show more seasons than anyone else in history. When it comes to the most wins compared to seasons competed, no one can touch Clarkson. She has won the show 50 percent of the times she coached on it.

When talking about who he is most worried about, Niall Horan said that it is without a doubt not Blake Shelton. “Ooh, my biggest competition this year is definitely Kelly [Clarkson]. We have very similar tastes in music, same kind of taste in voices,” Horan told NBC Insider. “Yeah, I think she’s going to be a massive threat to me.” He then said that he could go on to win it all as well.

What Niall Horan brings to The Voice

When asked what he brings to The Voice, Niall said that he loves finding new talent online. By being on the show, he has an even bigger platform for helping nurture young singers and bringing them into the business. This interview took place after the recent Blind Auditions round was filmed, and Horan is excited.

Niall Horan on The Voice | YouTube

“I didn’t hit my buzzer every time, because I was being super picky about who I wanted on my team,” Horan said. “I wanted all different types of singers, all different types of genres, just wanted character.” The Voice Season 23 returns to NBC in March 2023.

Niall Horan got his start on a reality singing competition show. He rose to prominence as part of One Direction in 2010 on The X Factor. They went on to release five albums and ended up as one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. They rank sixth all-time with 70 million album sales behind bands like *NSYNC, New Kids on the Block, The Osmonds, The Jackson 5, and the Backstreet Boys.

Who do you think has the advantage next season on The Voice? Could Blake Shelton win one more time in his last season on the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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