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Ali Fedotowsky-Manno Has Health Scare, Gives Update

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The sixth Bachelorette Ali Fedowtowsky-Manno recently had a health scare and she’s sharing some updates. She got engaged to Roberto Martinez at the end of her season. After that relationship ended she met her now husband Kevin Manno. When Ali hosted the NBC show 1st Look, Kevin reportedly worked as a crew member. She said they became friends and one thing led to another. They welcomed their first baby in 2016 and were married in 2017.

Ali has two children with Kevin and is happy things worked out the way they did. On Instagram, she shared, “can you imagine how different my life would be if I had ended up with the person I chose on the Bachelorette?” She went on to say she wouldn’t have her babies and husband in her life and they are her entire world. Recently on a post about her firstborn versus her secondborn, Ali said, “I can only imagine when you add a third into the mix.” She’s not done having babies.

At the time she was giving Peter Weber advice and telling him things would work out how they were supposed to. On a Q and A with fans, she talked about how her health has been going.

Ali Fedowtowsky-Manno Shares Health Concerns With Fans

Ali Fedowtowsky-Manno has been open with her ups and downs when it comes to her health. As we reported she was diagnosed with skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, the most common kind. She urged her fans to get their skin checked. Ali said when they said the c-word she almost passed out, but she was relieved it was treatable.

Ali Fedowtowsky-Manno, TikTok
Ali Fedowtowsky-Manno, TikTok

Last year she had the shingles and shared the whole journey with her fans. One fan asked if she’d seen a doctor for memory lapses and vision issues. Manno shared she’s going to an ophthalmologist to see why her vision just keeps getting worse.  She said it’s concerning that her vision problems don’t seem to have an explanation.

She Said Her Memory Is Terrible Like Dory

Another fan asked her if she’d been scanned to make sure it wasn’t something really serious. Ali said she has a horrible memory. She said, “sometimes I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo because I just can’t remember things that happened so recently.” Alie said she had an MRI of her brain last year because of her memory, she thinks. She said she truly can’t remember.

Ali Fedowtowsky-Manno, TikTok

The MRI came out normal so she doesn’t think they would give her another one so soon according to Bachelor Nation. What do you think about Ali’s diagnosis and her new symptoms? Read more about her journey with skin cancer here. Comment with your thoughts below.


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