Lindsie Chrisley Says Thanks To Supportive Ex-Husband

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Lindsie Chrisley took to Instagram yesterday night to pen a detailed update on how she was doing for her 670K followers. As those who follow her reality TV family knows, the Chrisleys are really going through the thick of it right now.

What is going on with the Chrisley family?

Their grandmother (Todd’s mother) Nanny Faye is currently fighting cancer. Statements made in court documents suggest that Nanny Faye’s health has declined to a point that she requires daily care and assistance from Julie Chrisley (Todd’s wife). Chloe Chrisley’s biological mother attempted to stir up drama by claiming she was legally trying to pursue custody of her daughter. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Todd Chrisley and one of his lawyers spoke out on the issue crushing the claim as having no validity. Todd’s lawyer who assisted in him officially adopting Chloe noted her biological mother has no ground to stand on when it comes to the custody of Chloe.

Finally, Todd and Julie Chrisley are preparing to go to jail next month where they have been sentenced to collectively spend 19 years behind bars. While the couple and their legal team plan to appeal the sentencing and verdict, there are many reports that the couple have little hope of a successful appeal and a different verdict because of the mountain of evidence against them.

Todd Chrisley Daughter Lindsie Won't Cry Over What’s Gone [Credit: YouTube]
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With Todd and Julie heading to prison, there was also the question of what happens to Grayson and Chloe who are both minors in their care. Todd and Julie fought for staggered sentences so someone could stay home and care for the children. The judge, however, shut the request down noting that lots of people were in the same situation and this type of special favor was asking far too much.

Fortunately, Savannah Chrisley revealed she would be stepping up to take custody of both Grayson and Chloe when her parents head to jail. While she isn’t sure how she feels about the situation, she loves both Grayson and Chloe. So, she’s willing to step up and do what’s necessary.

Lindsie Chrisley thanks her supportive ex-husband

Lindsie Chrisley only recently reconnected with her father Todd and her stepmother Julie. But, their social media activity suggests they’ve gotten really close really fast. Like her other adult siblings, Lindsie admits she’s had a hard time coping with the emotions involved in knowing her parents are preparing to go away for a long time. Shockingly, however, she and her son Jackson have been getting a lot of support from her ex-husband. In a detailed Instagram post, she thanked her ex for all the support and noted that his kind support during this difficult time didn’t go unnoticed by her.


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She penned: “Wrapping up work for 2022 in the next few days to spend time with family & Jackson. Special thanks to my ex husband for being there for me & Jackson when I needed him most, it’s not unnoticed. & a special thanks to all of you that have taken your time to pray for us, I see you.”

For the most part, fans noted they had nothing but love for Lindsie and her family during this difficult time. And, they promised to keep her in their thoughts.

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