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Joe Giudice Gives Reason Todd & Julie Chrisley Got Hit So Hard

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Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Joe Giudice is no stranger to the situation Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently in as he also went to jail after being convicted of committing fraud. The Bravo alum firmly believes Todd and Julie’s massive egos are ultimately why they got “crucified” by being sentenced to so much time behind bars.

Turns out, Joe Giudice sat down with his ex-wife Teresa recently on an episode of her Namaste B$tches podcast that dropped on Tuesday, December 12th. During his appearance on her podcast, the topic of Todd and Julie Chrisley came back. It is no surprise Todd and Julie’s situation is often compared to Joe and Teresa’s. For example, most people assumed Todd and Julie would be offered staggered sentences because Teresa and Joe were.

Turns out, Joe Giudice believes Todd and Julie got a raw deal when it comes to their sentencing. He, however, also believes they have no one to blame but themselves.

Joe Giudice

Bravo alum Joe Giudice says they made a mistake going to trial

Todd and Julie Chrisley had the option of pleading out and getting a reduced sentence. This, however, would have required the reality TV couple to plead guilty and admit they had done something wrong. To date, Todd and Julie refuse any admission of guilt. They insist they were set up and they did nothing wrong. Even the judge told the couple that not showing an ounce of remorse for their crimes or admitting guilty is why they were sentenced to so much time.

Joe Giudice, however, argues the real mistake was making the decision to go to trial in the first place. He argues that if the couple would have opted for a plea agreement, they wouldn’t be doing so much time behind bars. Most of the internet believes Todd and Julie Chrisley believed the jury would be star-struck and they would be found innocent of their crimes. Likewise, they believed Todd’s sick mother and their two underaged children at home would help reduce their sentences.

Julie, Todd Chrisley/YouTube

He thinks Todd and Julie Chrisley would have been slapped on the wrist

From Joe’s point of view, Todd and Julie opened the door for the book to be thrown at them when they decided to go to court instead of making a plea agreement. And, that’s exactly what happened.

The guy [Todd] would’ve probably got the same amount I got, which he would’ve been out in, you know, 17 months, ’cause he could’ve done the drug program and he’s a citizen and this and that, so he would’ve been out 16 months, 17 months. But being that he went to trial, OK? They crucified him, all right? They give you double time.”

He continued: “You can’t go to trial against the feds. You can’t do it. You gonna lose. You have a better chance going to trial against state, and even state is tough, you know what I mean? Civil’s another program, you know what I mean? So, it’s, it’s tough. We did the right thing. We took the plea, we licked our wounds and did what we had to do and moved on.”

Did Todd and Julie Chrisley make a costly mistake in going to trial against the feds? Let us know if you agree with Joe in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more.

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  1. Ok all the wealthy people cheat But the sentence was way out of line. What about people who rob kill rape they get a slap on the hand and off they go…….

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